In the meeting of the village held on 23 July 2013 the Parish Council sought input from the village community as to the anticipated impact of HS2 traffic on homes, individuals, businesses etc in Wardington and the surrounding area.

The Council would be grateful for specific information and assistance on the following:

  1. How would you describe the demographic of village?
  2. What is the current use of the A361 by those living in the village? Do people cross it by foot, or walk along the pavement?
  3. Are there any homes/individuals/businesses likely be significantly affected by an increase in passing traffic e.g. roadside cottages?
  4. Are there any other particularly sensitive receptors in the village e.g. the nursing home.
  5. Identification of specific points on the A361, where lorries would not be able to pass easily, particularly when coming in opposite directions.
  6. What would be the impact on the village other than that part adjacent to the A361?
  7. What is the speed limit in the village? Is it regularly exceeded?
  8. Have there been road accidents or issues with heavy HGV movements before? Are there are any specific safety concerns?
  9. Are there are any persons, properties or activities that would be particularly sensitive to noise or pollution?
  10. What concerns are there about access, in particular emergency access? How would such access be affected by increased HGV traffic?
  11. Are there occasions when the A361 is closed, one way, or both ways, e.g. to repair manhole covers, or to carry out work on properties abutting the A361?
  12. Do lorries presently come off the highway onto the verge or pavement, or into walls, houses etc?
  13. What solutions are seen as:
    1. Practically possible (from a layman’s perspective with a knowledge of the area);
    2. Popular among the majority of the people
    3. Likely to have the most significant impact?
  14. Is there opposition to the idea of a bypass? Are there any local paths likely to be severed?
  15. Are there other junction improvement works, road widening, speed restrictions, etc that you consider would assist (from a layman’s perspective with a knowledge of the area)?
  16. Would time restrictions assist e.g. HGV restricted to travel at night or during the day, not at weekends etc?

Please send your answers to as many of these questions as you are able to answer as a matter of urgency to


The deadline for responses is 9am Monday 27th July 2015

The presentation from this evening’s meeting can be downloaded here.


This page provides information about HS2 and how the villages of Wardington and Williamscot will be affected.

During the peak phase of construction (up to two years) there will be around 1,300 HGVs EACH WAY passing through Wardington.

Impact presentation – click here.

Video showing how the narrow road through the village already has difficulty coping with the existing HGV traffic.

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