UPDATE: It has been suggested that this could well have been the milkman, but nevertheless, the message is still valid!

Dear All

I wanted to let you know that in the early hours of this morning (4.15 am) I heard and briefly saw a vehicle (something similar to a flat bed ford transit – light in colour) acting suspiciously around the green.

I was up with [my daughter] at the time and unable to act on what I saw – and have been feeling guilty ever since.

Basically I heard the sound of a vehicle moving around the green, this stopped for 1-2 minutes, I looked out the window and heard the vehicle revving and driving fairly swiftly up the hill past Tite Cottage and Stone Cottage.

It had clearly been “hanging around” the green area in the meantime and for sufficient time to potentially steal something from a garden (or maybe if there was a bike left on the green like there sometime is ?) before throwing it on the van and driving off.

I listened a bit longer and believe that the stopped somewhere else in the village too, and then sprinted off again.

So, please check there is nothing obvious missing from your gardens and in the meantime just be aware that they might have just been doing a reccy (or of course be innocently driving around a rural village at 4.15am !!)

I will also pass this information onto the Community Police Officer and Robert.

I hope that no-one is actually affected and that this is just me being paranoid !!

Best regards

Erika Biggadike