The Banbury Rural Neighbourhood Police Team are holding a FREE ‘Catalytic Converter Marking Day’ at the Firs Garage, Hook Norton on Saturday 16th November 2013 between 1000hrs and 1500hrs. We will etch your Catalytic converter with a unique serial number which means we can easily identify it if it is stolen. We will also provide you with a sticker to be displayed in your window indicating ‘CAT marked’ which prevents offenders targeting your vehicle. Please just turn up on the day!
Catalytic converter thefts
Catalytic converters are designed to remove toxins from vehicle emissions. The devices contain small amounts of three precious metals: platinum, palladium and rhodium. In recent years, the price of these metals has soared to record levels, which means that catalytic converters can provide a substantial return to a thief for just a few minutes work.
Transit/Sprinter vans and other vehicles with high clearance are especially vulnerable.
The following crime prevention and reduction advice for vehicle owners will help to reduce this type of vehicle crime.
Advice for vehicle owners
• Where possible, park in your garage
• Alternatively, park in a location that restricts access underneath your vehicle
• Consider security lighting
• If your catalytic converter is ‘bolt on,’ you can have the bolts welded shut
• Consider the installation of CCTV to protect your vehicle
• Identify/etch your converter with a unique serial number and advertise that the vehicle has been protected (window stickers)