DRAFT Full Minutes of the Monthly Meeting of Wardington Parish Council   held on Tuesday 22 JULY   2014 at 7.30pm in Wardington Memorial Hall


Please note that these Minutes are in pure draft form and released in the spirit and interests of good community relations , openness and accountability but are subject to authorised amendment and subsequent approval by council in full session..

Attendance : Mr Page

[ Vice-Chair], Mr Fenemore, Mr Martin, Mr Patterson, Mr Murray, Dist Cllr Atack [ for part of meeting], Mr Harwood [ Clerk].

Parishioners:  Mr and Mrs Peters, Mrs Jan Funnel and Mrs Kate Reynolds

Apologies:       Mrs Pascoe [ Chair ], Mr Bankes


Matters Arising from previous meeting


Minutes of Previous Meeting held on 17th June: AGREED/SIGNED OFF


Minutes of AGM held in May [ to save memory and or physical loss before 2015] AGREED/SIGNED OFF


The Clerk presented an update on Grass cutting issues and in particular Overgrown trees/foliage issues with safety hazards; clerk to vigorously pursue action asking for responses/action from landowners no later than 2nd Sept meeting. It is duly minuted for insurance purposes that should an accident and or any claim which may occur as a result of these issues then they will bear liability have been formally notified in writing by WPC as soon as possible after this meeting.


The Clerk stated that if these remedial works were not carried out, WPC could request OCC Highways to do the works and OCC would invoice the owners for this.


Cllrs Roles and Responsibilities – Cllrs wished to postpone this thread until the Sept meeting.


CLP Update – Cllr Patterson – Resonse to Issues raised by Mr Dominic Miles at the WPC meeting held on Tuesday 17th June:



The Wardington CLP Steering Group have been asked by the Parish Council to be ready to give a response at the July 22 meeting to matters related to the CLP questionnaire raised by Mr Dominic Miles at the last meeting.


The response is:


The CLP Steering Group is aware of the Wardington Conservation Area Appraisal produced by Cherwell District Council. In fact we used the map in the appraisal when pinpointing where people lived.


Under guidelines laid down by the Oxfordshire Rural Communities Council, the subjects covered in CLP questionnaires must be based on a series of consultations with people in the village. In Wardington these began at the CLP launch in April 2012.

They continued at other events including the Jubilee Tea, which Mr Miles attended, the Sizzling Sausage Family Olympics, the Bulb Planting Project later that year and various informal contacts since. The subject of UPVC windows has not been raised.


Despite this there were opportunities throughout the questionnaire to raise issues or make comments about matters of concern. The results are currently being analysed and will be presented to the village on September 27.


Even if UPVC windows are not mentioned in the responses in the questionnaire, there will be another chance to raise such matters at that meeting.


Any further activity based around the results of the CLP questionnaire will require volunteers from the village and approval by all appropriate bodies.


The Steering Group are happy for me to make this response on their behalf at the July meeting.


Malcolm Patterson.


Affordable Housing Survey – Cllrs felt that due to the low response then due to the somewhat complex issues that WPC should request that Jill Brooks [ ORHP Enabler] should re-visit the council and give a full briefing as to what could happen next. The clerk had not received any updates in recent weeks.


Quotes from Mr Altham for installation of new bins and memorial bench renovation – these are still being sought.





New Business


Change of meeting date from December to November i.e. recess in december and not November for seasonal factors. AGREED to be changed to TUESDAY 25TH NOVEMBER.


ANNUAL REVIEW of Clerk’s Remuneration [ due 1/7/14]


The clerk suggested that due to the high volume of business at the meeting he was happy for the review to be discussed at the Sept 2nd meeting. AGREED.


Change of Boundary: Memorial Hall and The Playground.



It has come to light that the ownership of the land at the rear of the Memorial Hall, as registered with the Land Registry, overlaps with the sports field land owned by the Pease family, again as registered with Land Registry. In effect there are two registered owners of the land from a line across the Playground in line with the rear of Post Office Cottage to the rear wall of the actual Memorial Hall building. As a consequence the Lease from the Pease family to the Parish Council for the Playground also includes all the land up to the rear of the actual Memorial Hall building.

Clive Hunt, on behalf of the Trustees of the Memorial Hall, and Will Pease have agreed that, in practice, the boundary is a line across the rear of the Memorial Hall terrace area. To resolve this Geoff Bryant (now Geoffrey Bryant & Company LLP) has suggested:

  1. Parish Council and the family enter into a deed of surrender of part of the Parish Council lease in respect of the land on the “wrong side” of the line.
  2. Family then transfer the piece surrendered by freehold transfer to the Memorial Hall.

There would be no financial consideration and Will Pease has agreed that the family will  pay the costs of all three parties.


The clerk had attended an on site meeting with Clive Hunt [ Chairman of the Trustees, Wardington Memorial Hall] and Mr Will Pease [ Family / Owners] and explained to those present that in real terms this would not affect the existing footprint of the Playground.

Council are satisfied for this to proceed as set out above. AGREED.




Review of Signatories / Banking arrangements.


Cllrs AGREED for the Main and 2 x Williamscot accounts to remain with Barclays and signatories to be added from the Sept meeting.


Cheques and Invoices


Chq 100756           £628.20                       Grass Cut Inv 4271/14

Chq 100757           £120.00                       Wardington Over 60s [ as set out in WPC AGM 2014 as the s.137 donation during financial year 2014-15 upon a request from Mr Ian Franklin ]



Williamscot Account


The following cheques are voided:


100023            £5,000            Road Closure Project

100024            £5,000            ditto

100025            £5,000            ditto


An internal transfer of £15,000 from the Williamscot account into the main community cheque account was authorised.

A CHAPS payment in respect of John Taylor Contractor in the sum of £16,979.98

Plus a further ex-gratia sum of £25 in respect of bank charges incurred therefore making a total payment of £ 17, 004.98 was authorised.


The clerk was instructed to reclaim the VAT element of £2,830 from HMRC immediately to assist in the unforseen additional costs incurred from OCC Highways. This has been actioned.


Once this has been received into the main community account, a simple adjustment between both accounts shall be actioned therefore ensuring any residual money is returned to the Williamscot account once the Community account has been re-imbursed.

Vis a vis:


Invoice                                                                        £16,979.98

Ex Gratia costs                                                    £       25.00

Total Payment                                                         £17,004.98

Available Tfr’d to Comm A/C                              £15,000.00

Shortfall Supported by Comm A/C                  £   2004.98

Paid to Contractor                                          £17,004.98

VaT Refund CR                                                        £   2830.00

Repayable to Community AC                               £   2004.98

Balance paid back to Williamscot A/C      £     825.02










Received for consideration:


14/00920/LB            Wardington Manor

Minor amendment to alter fenestrations and minor alterations of internal door openings in the stable conversion. Council raised no objections nor comments.


14/00117/PREAPP         Freedom WSE

Rebuild existing overhead 11,000 volt line etc to upgrade fromsingle phase to 3 phase. Archers House, Thorpe Rd, Wardington.

Council raised no objections nor comments


14/00956/F            Old Bonhams           Construction of Hard Surfaced tennis tennis court with surround fencing.

Council raised no objections nor comments


14/00984/F            Pub Stuff [ Near Cropredy Bridge] : New Storage Building.


The Clerk forgot to bring the paperwork but Cllrs agreed to receive in turn the original application for individual consideration and comments and then to formulate a proper inspection and response.


It was the Clerks wish that Cllrs should not be inconvenienced by a Planning meeting so soon after a normal meeting during recess as it was his fault.




5] Playground


Prize chqs for June, July and August are as follows:


June Draw:

CHQ 100585   £20         H.Senn

CHQ 100586   £10         Clive Hunt


July Draw:

CHQ 100587   £20         Zoe Morgan

CHQ 100588     £10         R. Harwood



August Draw

CHQ 100589   £20      Jean Heritage

CHQ 100590   £10            Howard Capel




6] AOB


  1. Dist Cllr atack reported that sales of Cropredy tickets this year is £3,040
  2. Dist Cllr Atack kindly offered help with the review of bank signatories/mandates etc [ refer to finance]
  3. Dist Cllr atack reported that a youth club based in Cropredy is possibly being set up and that he would be looking at possible contributions from local parish councils. Council AGREED to put this on to the September meeting Agenda.
  4. Mr Fenemore raised the issue of the HS2 Chipping Warden by-pass and would Wardington be getting one?. The short answer from Dist Cllr Atack was NO but as it was such a long way ahead no further discussion took place.
  5. Mr Murray would like to thank Ken Atack for the kind donation of 2 x Fairport tickets in aid of the Katherine House Hospice.



There being no further business, the meeting closed at 2042 hrs.



Drafted by Parish Clerk for and on behalf of WPC

23/07/2014 10:18:26