As recently reported in The Warbler the planned improvements to the Hall took place in December.

Firstly the reverberation panels have been fixed to almost the entire area of the main Hall ceiling. This has resulted in a significant reduction in the ‘echo’ in the Hall leading to much improved acoustics and speech intelligibility generally, especially on occasions such as cinema nights and bingo.

The terraced area at the far end of the Hall has now been paved with quality natural stone slabs. This has included the pathway on the south side of the Hall along with new surface drainage for the whole rear area. Additional fencing and a gateway above the retaining wall adjacent to the Playground have also been erected. There is still some landscaping to be dealt with and hopefully this can be handled by volunteers in the Spring.

The Trustees are grateful to Oxfordshire County Council, and to Councillor George Reynolds in particular, for awarding grants totalling £4,533 towards these two projects.


The Hall Committee has recently held its annual review of the hire rates. As the Hall is now operating on a more financially stable basis it has been possible to restrict the increase in hire rates for Wardington organisations and residents to half the level of last year’s increases. Also, as announced at last July’s AGM, the level of increase for village organisations and residents is half that of non-village hirers so as to give even greater preferential rates for the village.

The new schedule of Hire Rates which takes effect from 1st April 2015 can be seen on the Memorial Hall section of the website.


The Memorial Hall is organising this year’s Fête to be held in the Manor gardens on Sunday 14th June in the afternoon. Many village organisations have already indicated that they will support the event with a display, stall, game, activity or something similar. Watch this space!