For those interested, I have information from BT about faster broadband.

  • The timescale for Wardington is still showing “by December 2015”.
  • We will be getting up to 80Mbps if you are close to the cabinet, but can expect 40Mbps if you are down by the Hare and Hounds.
  • All houses that already have broadband will be able to switch.
  • You won’t get a speed increase automatically, you will have to request it when it becomes available.
  • If you have an old ASDL modem then you may need a new one.
  • An engineer may have to visit your house to change the “plate” on your telephone box.

The more technical description from BT of what we are getting is:

BT is working in partnership with Oxfordshire County Council to rollout superfast fibre broadband beyond areas currently covered by commercial providers. The good news is that Wardington is within the rollout plan. The fibre broadband technology to be provided in Wardington is Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC). There is evidence that the engineering work is already underway with the first of several new fibre cabinets planned for the area now installed in Great Bourton. Once the new fibre cabinet(s) is located in the village, residents will be able to order a fibre broadband service from over 150 service providers (e.g. Sky, Talk Talk, EE, Plusnet, BT Infinity) using the Openreach network. Speeds of upto 80Mbps are possible via FTTC technology. The majority of residents should get superfast speeds (24Mbps and above). Any resident with a telephone line or existing broadband connection will be able to opt for an upgrade to fibre broadband once the new fibre cabinet has gone live. At a later date, and if residents require even faster speeds, they will be able to opt for Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) via an on demand arrangement, where speeds of up to 300Mbps are possible. BT has also announced plans to introduce technology designed to enhance speeds even further via FTTC where speeds of up to 500Mbps are possible.

Further details of the rollout plan can be found via the Openreach website:

The County Council also have a website but the postcode checker is mapping Wardington incorrectly. Select the parish (Wardington) until this is fixed. See: