Jean Butler would like to recommend an oil buying scheme she is a member of that she says is the cheapest per litre that she has found.

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Welcome to the HeatingOilForLess (HOFL) scheme.

The majority of the communication is via email as this makes it more practical for me to run the HOFL scheme, you can email me direct on at

I collate all member requirements for a scheduled order date. The most competitive price is then obtained from a choice of 13 local Suppliers with delivery normally the same week. I’m unable to provide prices prior to placing the order as this will be dictated by market conditions and the quantity of Oil on the order and hence the discounted price obtained.

Payment is made directly to the Supplier (normally following an invoice from them to you after delivery). If you have not been a customer of the chosen Supplier before, they reserve the right to request payment prior to or upon delivery and will contact you via phone to arrange. HOFL does not take part in the payment process.

Once I have negotiated the best price I update all HOFL scheme members via email.

The order dates for 2015 can be seen below;

  • 9th Feb
  • 9th Mar
  • 13th Apr
  • 11th May
  • 8th Jun
  • 13th Jul
  • 10th Aug
  • 14th Sep
  • 12th Oct
  • 9th Nov
  • 14th Dec

If you wish to be part of the order, I just need to know the approximate amount of oil required.  The minimum drop any supplier will do is 500 litres.

I’ll need a full address including postcode, plus a contact phone number. Also, do you need to be there to unlock and accept the delivery (suppliers will deliver oil & leave a delivery note confirming amount delivered if you don’t need to be there and they have access to the oil tank) and are there any other access restrictions (big dog, scary cat, etc…

Best wishes

Paul Gallagher

01295 298434