The village playground is funded by subscriptions to the 200 club. £1 per month buys one number entered into the monthly prize draw. There are two prizes drawn each month.

First prize : £20

Second prize: £10.

If you would like to enter the 200 club then please either contact Mitch the parish clerk at 07415 372 121 / or print off one of the standing order forms below and deliver to Mitch at Bishops House.

Click here for the Playground 200 Club standing order form

Previously, a playground committee has maintained and promoted subscriptions. The committee has long been disbanded and subscriptions have diminished as renewals have not been chased etc. Currently then the playground has only a small income. If a committee is not reinstated, the playground will continue to decline as old and damaged equipment is not replaced. Eventually the playground will have to close. If you would like to help please get in touch with any of the parish councillors or the clerk at