HS2 Village Meeting 23rd July 2015, 7pm, Memorial Hall

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HS2 Village Meeting 23rd July 2015, 7pm, Memorial Hall

Come to a Village Meeting

Discussion and update on Parliamentary Petition
Memorial Hall
23 July 2015

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  1. Rex Anson 24/07/2015 at 2:47 pm - Reply

    the Government’s own passenger count shows that last year almost half seats were empty, London-Birminghan, at peak times.
    HS2 will demolish more than 400 homes plus approx 16 Grade II listed buildings.
    Historic farms/buildings/21,000 houses will suffer from noise.
    Dr Richard Wellings wrote IAE report said that this will be unbelievably costly to Tax payer with incredibly poor value for money.
    Experts from Chilterns calculate 1.7 million lorry journeys from the whole area every 26 seconds 5days every week for 5 years!.
    Owen Patterson said after environmental tests, he will kill the whole thing off!
    ALL THE ABOVE IS QUOTED FROM DAILY MAIL 11.01. 2012 and MAIL ON SUNDAY 18.08.2013. 16 trains per hour, travelling at 225mph! who will fill those seats?
    Estimated cost £100B for no benefit of those whose properties will be devalued.

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