I am writing to make you aware of a new service run by Oxfordshire Advocacy (in partnership with Macmmillan Cancer Support) providing one-to-one support for vulnerable adults (18+) and adults aged 50+ affected by cancer, whether they are a Patient or a Carer.

Our service is free, independent, non-judgemental and confidential. Our aim is to help anyone who is affected by cancer (either as a patient or family member, friend of carer), to resolve issues or difficulties (cancer-related or not) and to improve the quality of their lives.


“Having an advocate at my appointments just made all the difference in the world, because I didn’t have to be the Rosie-the-nurse, Rosie-the-patient, Rosie-the-everything. I could just focus on me and what people were saying to me, knowing that my advocate was writing stuff down and if I got it wrong, then she’d talk me through it but also would help me challenge… If it hadn’t been for the advocate being there and stepping in I think I might have ended up having completely the wrong type of treatment for me.” (Rosie Young, retired nurse living with cancer)


If you know of anyone affected by cancer and aged 50 or more

If you feel that they might benefit from having a Macmillan trained volunteer to support them at appointments or with getting the practical help they need

If you are interested in volunteering yourself

Give us a call on 01865 230203 or email us at copa@oadg.org.uk