A message from Thames Valley Police

With the recent increase in the cost of fuel, domestic heating oil is becoming a target for thieves. Following these simple ideas can act as a deterrent.

Don’t be left out in the …

CCTV can deter thieves and record any tampering or theft

Oil levels check these often and report any irregularities

Location of your oil tank, so it is in view of the property

Defensive planting can deter thieves, grow prickly hedges

Consider using security lighting to illuminate your tank, use an alarm for oil levels or build a cage around the tank.

It is difficult to secure such a valuable asset as it is kept outside, often in full view and has to be accessed easily by your fuel supplier. If damaged by thieves it could also cause an environmental catastrophe.

If your tank is emptied by a thief then you could be left with no heating.

Remember to check the oil level in your tank regularly, look for spilt fuel, marks on locks or anything else suspicious and report this through the non emergency 101 enquiry centre.