Once again, huge apologies for the failure of the automatic newsletter over the past few weeks. In an attempt to get it working once again I have cleared out the old system and added a completely new one. This message should be the first you receive under the new system. Apologies that it looks very basic, but the key is to get it working correctly first then we can make it look nicer in the next few weeks.

The mailing list may well need some updating, so if you have unsubscribed in the past but are receiving this message, please accept my apologies and unsubscribe once more. If you do want to receive this newsletter, please check with your friends and neighbours that they too have received it as the transfer to the new system may well have omitted some recipients.

This new system should send an email the instant a new item is added to the website, which hopefully will be an improvement.

Once again, apologies for the interruption to regular service and fingers crossed that we’re back to normal now!

Andrew Steven
Tite Cottage, Upper Wardington