Charles Holbech will be presenting to the House of Lords Select Committee on HS2 on behalf of Wardington tomorrow, Wednesday 20th July 2016. If you wish to watch the proceedings they will be shown on here:

Wardington is scheduled 5th on the agenda and proceedings start at 10:00am and again at 2:00pm.

It is likely, given the experience of the House of Commons Select Committee hearing, that Charles will be on after lunch, however this will only become clear on the day.

The video of proceedings should be online for some time after the event and we expect that the above link will continue to work for those who can’t watch live. We will issue another news post if this isn’t the case.

Malcolm Patterson and Bob Jarrett will accompany Charles. If any other Wardington and Williamscot residents would like to go too, please contact Malcolm as soon as possible at