The 16th July this year sees the 25th Anniversary of the formation of one of the village’s longest running and continuing clubs.

                                   Who are we ? –  –  – – – –  We are proud to be:-   



 The first meeting was organised by Douglas and Jean Wise and held in July 1992 at their home at The Old Coach House, Wardington. A committee was formed and membership was then 10. This shortly increased to around 20 with all but 1 being local residents. Equipment was purchased and bowling was well supported every week. We joined the Northants County League in 1993 and played various clubs within the county in the local region with reasonable success, neither achieving top spot nor bottom place.

A change of the geography of the clubs within the region however meant travelling became too distant and we withdrew our membership and the following year in 1999 we organised and promoted our own local league with other nearby clubs which has been continuingly run ever since. Until recently ending with a trophy presentation day attracting some 40 players.

Whilst the Hall was closed for rebuilding we met each week at Middleton Cheney as guest members until we were able to reform and play in the wonderful new surroundings of the new Memorial Hall. Our membership is such that we are still able to pay our way but the future is unsure. We desperately need new people to join us on a Monday evening at 7.0pm. You only need to bring along carpet slippers and just £3 which will give you a couple of hours fun and friendly companionship including free tea/coffee and biscuits at the halfway mark.

Support from village residents is unfortunately somewhat lacking. Just 4 of the 17 in total with but 2 attending regularly. The remaining ones come regularly from Banbury, Hanwell, Thorpe Mandeville, Cropredy and Silverstone.

Could we encourage you please to come along and try us out. You will be warmly welcomed whether young or old, male or female and your first night is free. You never know you might enjoy it and become a full member.

We look forward to seeing you.

For enquiries or further information please contact me,

Eddie Price 01295 368395     or     email