Apologies for those who have seen this item already – we are re-posting it as the auto-email notifying you of new posts has been offline for a few days. Please do read this very important message.

Most residents of Wardington will have received a further letter from Cherwell Council planning department about amendments to the application for a new service station on the A361 at J11 of the M40.

The letter states that the layout of the buildings has been altered and the previously proposed hotel removed.

The Editor of this website is firmly opposed to this proposal and would like to urge all residents of a similar opinion to comment on the Planning Portal here: https://www.publicaccess.cherwell.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=OPQVWTEMK8A00. Comments can also be emailed to DM.comments@cherwell-dc.gov.uk.

A few facts to consider when deciding whether or not to comment:

  • There is a large Premier Inn already at J11, and Ermont Way service station is a few meters beyond this.
  • There is a Costa drive-through coffee shop, a Toby Carvery and Frankie and Benny’s restaurants also at Stroud Park adjacent to J11.
  • There will be up to 1000 HGV movements per day at J11 and on the A361 during the construction of HS2.
  • There are already services at J10 and between J12 and J13 of the M40
  • The proposed development doesn’t have direct access off the M40 but will put significant additional traffic on the existing roundabout, which is already very difficult to use at peak times.
  • Queues to leave the M40 at J10 for Cherwell Valley Services at peak times causes tail-backs onto the main carriageway.
  • Opening up the east side of the M40 to industrial development will lead to countless other applications because a precedent will have been set.

The deadline for objections is 21 days from 28th March 2018 – Wednesday 18th April 2018.