The website editor apologises that he missed off the final category from this year’s Horticultural Show! Section H is for Best Dressed Owner and Pet. Please download a revised copy of the schedule PDF using the link at the bottom of this article if you would like to print it out at home.

The forecast is looking good for Saturday and we look forward to seeing you there.

The categories for this year’s Horticultural Show at the fête are as follows:

Section A – Flowers
(Please bring your own vase to display your flower)
1 – Best Bloom
2 – a. Best Pom Pom Dahlia
– b. Best Decorative Dahlia
3 – Best Rose
4 – Best arrangement in a jug.

Section B – Vegetables
5 – Longest Runner Bean
6 – 4 Potato – any variety
7 – a 5 Cherry Tomato
– b 3 Large Tomato

Section C – Fruit
(All fruit in fruit classes must have stalks attached)
8 – 4 Cooking Apples- any variety
9 – 4 Eating Apples – any variety
10 – Autumn Saucer of Raspberries

Section D – Eggs
11 – Best Eggs – 3 eggs (One will be broken for judge)

Section E – Cookery
12 – Victoria Sponge – Jam filling & caster sugar top
13 – Mens only Rock Cakes – 3
14 – Marmalade
15 – Jar of Jam / Jelly

Section F – Children’s Section
16 – Best Decorated Boiled Egg ( Under 6, Under 14)
17 – Any ANIMAL made from fruit or vegetables
(Under 6, Under 14)

Section G – Photography
Photographs to be no larger then 18x13cm (7”x5”). Please can you
put your name and ph number on the back and your age if you are under 14.
18 – Flowers
19 – Wild Life
20 – Photo with Amusing Caption

Section H – Pets and Creatures
Best dressed owner and pet (can include insect and small creatures)
Bring your pet along to the fete
Judging will be at 2:30pm

The rules are:

  1. Entry forms must be in between 9:30 & 11:30 Saturday 1st September – Entries are Free
  2. Classes are open to all Wardington Garden Club Members, all villagers and allotment holders of Wardington, Williamscott and Coton
  3. All exhibits must be grown or made by the exhibitor
  4. All children (Children are 6 years and under, and 14 years and under) can enter adult classes but can they please specify their age.
  5. Could all exhibitors in the fruit, vegetable, cookery and children’s sections exhibit on a plate (could be paper) or similar base that is clearly named underneath.
  6. Please collect your entries when the Fete is finished.

You can download a PDF of the categories and rules here.