Location: Wardington Memorial Hall

Date: Tuesday, 9th October 2018 (7.30 pm)

In Attendance: Mr N Bankes (Chairman), Mr M Patterson (Vice Chairman), Mr G Page, Mr A Pascoe, Mr R Jarrett, Mr G Martin

Apologies: Cllr G Reynolds, Cllr PChapman, Mr A Crossley


Agenda Items

  1. Minutes of previous meeting – signed
  2. Matters arising from previous minutes
    • Since the last meeting, Robbie Brown – who has agreed to carry out playground inspections – has moved to Brackley. He will continue with this role.  Clerk to apply for quotes to make the minor repairs needed on the playground.
    • Extra bags of salts are £100 a bag – decided that we have enough in reserve already.
    • Fire at the Manor painting to be returned to the Village Hall.
    • WPC decided to purchase 2 “No Parking” signs with stanchions for use between church close and the A361.
  3. Planning
    • New

3.1a 17/02556/F Mr and Mrs Chris Henson, Glen Meadows House, Chacombe Road.  Appeal against refusal (reference APP/C3105/W/18/3201016) – change of use of existing ancillary residential annexe to self-contained dwelling.  NO OBJECTIONS

3.1b 18/00255/TCA  Mrs Virginia Price, Pettifers St from Banbury Rd to Mt Pleasant.  T1 x Sorbis Vilmorinii – Fell.  NO OBJECTIONS

3.1c 18/01622/F Mr & Mrs J De Bruin, Highlands, Cropredy Lane, Williamscot. Erection of garage.  NO OBJECTIONS

3.1d 18/00281/TCA Mr Andrew Crossley, The Nook, Thorpe Road

T1 x blackthorn – pruning of the tree to reduce overhanging and cut one bough down.  NO OBJECTIONS

  • CDC decisions
  1. Finance
    • Invoices

100962              D M Payroll Services                                                             £40.50

100963              N R Prickett (grass cutting)                                                £370.80

100964              Mrs G-F (clerk’s expenses)                                                 £23.18

100965              Mrs G-F (clerk’s pay)                                                            £346.54

100966              HMRC (PAYE)                                                                          £86.60

100038              Emma Reed (Williamscot Event expenses)                   £121.44

100039              VOID

100040              North Oxfordshire Wines (Williamscot Event)              £220.00

100041              Debroah Thorneycroft (Williamscot Event)                  £920.00

100042              VOID

100043              Wardington Parocial Parish Council (Path)                   £696.00

  • Playground 200 club draw

100676              P Hornby (1st prize sept)                                                      £20.00

100677              G Page (2nd prize sept)                                                         £10.00

  1. Parish business
    • The Aviva Community Fund – information regarding this should be passed on to Cluster care.
    • Various different advertising information has been received through the post and by email. Decided that some can go up on noticeboard if space: care worker recruitment campaign; poster for Special Education Needs and Disability Information Advice and Support; citizens advice North Oxon and South Northants posters; Macmillan Cancer Support; Hidden Harm campaign (TVP) .
    • Wabler advertising – Malcolm raised that Sue Upton is looking to help with this and editors should get in touch.


The next meeting will be held on 20th November at 7.30pm.


Meeting closed at 8.20 pm.