There is a flurry of activity and concern about the submission of a further planning application by Euro Garages for the area between Wardington and the M40 –

Having got permission for the monstrous warehouse, they are having a second go for a motorway services station, four story office building, two fast food outlets and a 240 bed hotel.

Their first application was opposed and withdrawn some 3 years ago.

The reasons were:

  • Unnecessary: Services already exist less than 15 miles to the north and south
  • Access: Increasingly congested motorway junction and unsuitable access via the A361
  • Pollution: The air between the motorway junction and Banbury is already one of the most polluted areas in Oxfordshire
  • Type of Employment: A main justification for the Banbury Area 15 development was the creation of highly paid, technical, forward looking employment. The Euro Garages application provided (and still provides) virtually none of this.
  • A New Hotel: There is already an hotel close to the junction. (In this new application the size of the hotel has increased from 80 beds to 240 beds)

There are 2 changes from the original application which could make their application more acceptable to the planners

  • No mention of a Lorry Park
  • A 4 storey Office Block is added

Despite this everyone I have spoken to feels the bad outweighs the good and it should be opposed strongly.

The Parish Council will be objecting.

The volume of objections makes a difference. The more the better.