Neighbour Notification (amended details)
Application No.: 22/01488/OUT
Applicant’s Name: Greystoke CB

Proposal: Construction of up to 140,000 sq m of employment floorspace (use class B8 with ancillary offices and facilities) and servicing and infrastructure including new site accesses, internal roads and footpaths, landscaping including earthworks to create development platforms and bunds, drainage features and other associated works including demolition of the existing farmhouse
Location: OS Parcel 5616 South West Of Huscote Farm And East Of, Daventry Road, Banbury
Parish(es): Banbury
Expected Decision Level: Committee

Plans and documents can be viewed on the Council’s on-line register at If you do not have access to the website, you may inspect the submitted plans and documents at Bodicote House on one of the council’s self-service computers at any time between 8:45 a.m. and 5:15 p.m. Monday to Friday. Please note however that due to the restrictions imposed in response to COVID-19, visits to Bodicote House to inspect the application documents should only be made when essential (i.e. the documents cannot be inspected by other means) and by prior appointment by telephoning 01295 227006.

If you wish to make additional comments on the application, please do so via our website using the link above no later than 1 December 2022. Any comments received after this date will only be considered if a decision has not yet been made. Previous comments submitted will be taken into account when deciding the application.

To submit your comments online click on the ‘comments’ tab of the webpage above. Whilst the comments field is restricted to 32000 characters, you can type your comments on a separate document and upload it as an attachment if you prefer. All comments and attachments will be automatically published. Do not include any personal details such as phone numbers, email addresses or signatures.

Alternatively, you can comment by e-mail (using the email address at the top of this letter) or by letter to the above address. However please note that there may be a delay in processing comments received in this way (as we will redact any personal details such as phone numbers, email addresses or signatures) and therefore a delay in your comments reaching the officer.

As such you are recommended to submit comments online. However, if you do comment by email or letter then you will need to include the application number (which you will find above), your address, and clearly state whether you are objecting/supporting/commenting on the application.

You can find useful information about making comments on our website using this link:

You should be aware that by law any letter/email you write is not confidential and may be read by others including the applicant. Any observations that you make will be considered when the application is determined and referenced in the Case Officer’s report. The Council will not consider any anonymous letters/emails that make representations on applications.

Please note that given the high volume of neighbour responses to planning applications, the Council will not send a response, unless it is felt that an issue is raised that required further investigation. Should amended plans or additional information be received you will not automatically be notified.