This morning a grey pickup, stole all of the grit from outside Red Lion House in Upper Wardington. They were seen and challenged by the owners of Red Lion House. They claimed that it was for their farm in the village and boasted that they had taken grit from the other bins in the village.

Please be aware that the rules surrounding the grit in council-provided bins are very clear. It is for the roads and pavement in the area close to where the bin is located and is NOT for use on private driveways or other private land.

Oxfordshire County Highways are notoriously difficult to contact and slow to refill empty bins.

The theft has been reported to the police and you are urged to challenge anyone else stealing grit for personal use. 

Stealing road grit is selfish, illegal and inconveniences the entire community.

Please be respectful of your local community by using the grit for the purpose for which it is intended.