HS2 / EKFB – Update on the precast segment deliveries to Chipping Warden.

HS2 / EKFB : A quick update on the precast segment deliveries to Chipping Warden.   The deliveries will take place between 7-9am on 22 May. The reason for the 7am start, rather than 5am, is due to the Oxfordshire overnight roadworks on the A361 being postponed by one week to the Saturday night.  It will involve approximately 5 wide load HGV’s.   Last week’s delivery went well as a first delivery, and we plan to continually refine how we roll out the traffic management, as well as form up the HGV’s, to minimise disruption.   A link to the Chipping Warden Tunnel Update, which includes more information, maps and photographs, is available on the following link:   https://assets.hs2.org.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/AWN_Notice-of-Green-Tunnel-Works_May_2022.pdf  

ABILITY Local Community Bus Service for Wardington and Williamscot starts April 20

ABILITY Local Community Bus Service for Wardington and Williamscot starts April 20 To Enquire, Register or Book Contact ABILITY on 01327 604123 or via their website www.abilitycic.org.uk   To start with the service will operate between Wardington/Williamscot and Banbury. If you require another route, let ABILITY know. Future services will depend on supply and demand. Following the shock announcement of the closure of the Stagecoach 200 Service, the Parish Council has been in discussion with ABILITY and other Parish Councils between Banbury and Daventry. ABILITY already run a community bus service for Cropredy, Claydon, Mollington and the Bourtons. It has become very popular and works well. Users enjoy the exceptional service they receive. There are 3 different membership categories: Pick-up

HS2 – Update on traffic lights controls and road closures – Chipping Warden

EKFB working in partnership with HS2 have advised the following disruptions:- Some temporary traffic lights will be installed on the A361 near to our Chipping Warden Compound. These will be in place for approximately 1 week 14-18 March. They are short in length and required for us to complete an entrance to our construction area on the east side of the A361.   Culworth Road, between Chipping Warden and Welsh Road, will be closed for 4 weeks in order for us to build a highway crossing area commencing on 21 March. Some nearby footpaths will also be diverted. Further information on this can be found here: AWN-Notice-of-Road-and-Footpath-Closures-Culworth-Road-Chipping-Warden-March-2022.pdf (hs2.org.uk) Wardington Parish Council

Stagecoach bus ‘Service 200’ secured for an additional period

Announcement from Stagecoach Stagecoach Service 200 Update Banbury – Daventry Service 200 secured for an additional period We are pleased to confirm that local authority funding has been secured to enable us to continue running service 200 between Banbury and Daventry for an additional period. The service will operate to its current timetable up until 27th August 2022. This interim support has been jointly provided by West Northamptonshire Council and Oxfordshire County Council, in order to allow further consideration of the potential options in relation to the long term future of public transport connectivity in the area.

Cancellation of 200 bus service between Banbury and Daventry

The Parish Council has received notification from Stagecoach that they will be cancelling the 200 service between Banbury and Daventry from 4th April. The Parish Council are very concerned about the impact this will have on a number of our residents and are currently looking in to all possible options to resolve this. We will provide an update when we know more.

Community archaeology events in Chipping Warden

Community archaeology events in Chipping Warden Communication from Fusion working on behalf of HS2 Following on from the successful TV programme Digging for Britain programme which featured Blackgrounds we have arranged local community events so you can come and talk to the archaeologists, see some of the artefacts (for the first time on public display) and discover what life was like in the area 2,000 years ago. The events will take place at Chipping Warden Village Hall on the 18 and 19 February 2022.  Tickets are free, but you must book a time slot to enter the museum. Each time slot lasts for 60 minutes and up to 30 visitors can book for each slot. As well as the slots

HM Queen Elizabeth’s Accession – Tree Planting


Curry & Quiz success!

Thank you to everyone who came to the Curry & Quiz evening last night. Over 60 people came and enjoyed a variety of curries, cooked by volunteers from across the village, washed down with plenty of beer and wine. The quiz was expertly run by Helen Young, ably assisted by husband Sam, with questions spanning multiple subjects and time periods. The winning team were presented with six bottles of wine thanks to the Friends of St Mary Magdalene. Chair of the Friends of St Mary Magdalene, Steve Mackenzie-Lawrie, made an appeal for new volunteers and committee members to join. Please contact Steve at steve.mlawrie@btinternet.com.

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HS2 – Update – temporary traffic lights on A361 Byfield Road

HS2 - Update - temporary traffic lights on A361 Byfield Road EKFB working on behalf of HS2 have provided the following information:- Some temporary traffic lights that will be installed on the A361 Byfield Road in late January, just north of Chipping Warden. We have published an advanced work notice which can be found here: AWN-Notice-of-Traffic-Management-A361-Byfield-Road-_January-2021-.pdf (hs2.org.uk) As you are aware, earlier this week we completed our survey work on Wormleighton Road near Trafford Bridge and the road is now fully open again. We managed to get the road open within two days in fact. Also, can you confirm, are you aware of the Trafford Bridge repair work being completed by WNC? This is not HS2 related but I am

HS2 – Notification of road closures in January 2022

Notification of road closures in January 2022   EKFB working on behalf of HS2 have notified us of the following road closures in January 2022:-   A section of Wardington Road (Edgcote Lane) will be closed from 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday 10 January, for approximately one week. The duration of the road closure will depend on the initial surveys and we will re-open the road as soon as possible. A copy of the advance work notice is available here: Notice-of-road-closure-Wardington-Road.pdf (hs2.org.uk) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A section of Culworth Road (from Chipping Warden) will be closed from, 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday 17 January and remain in place for approximately two weeks. They will be carrying out Ground Investigation (GI) works along Culworth Road.