Community Led Plan

Campaign for Village Asset status – The Old Horse Pond (opposite Chapel Cottages)

In the Wardington Parish Community Led Plan, published in 2015, there is mention on page 5 of proposed plans to develop, do improvement works to, and provide a bench at The Old Horse Pond, opposite Chapel Cottages, in order that it may be enjoyed by villagers. Earlier this year a fence was erected in front of the pond thereby including it within private property, and effectively removing access to it from the general public, meaning the above plans can not be enacted. We intend to bring this matter up at the forthcoming AGM of the Parish Council on 24th May 2016, albeit the Parish Council are already aware of the matter and have previously requested the fence be removed. In

Progress on community led plan questionnaire

Our questionnaire is taking shape and looking "proper" now. We should be in a position to release it for the parish council to review before Christmas. If you would like to read the minutes then you can download them on this link 131127 Wardington CLP meeting minutes (131129). (From the newsletter you need to click to the website first). As always, we would be happy to receive comments or questions.

Community led plan update: draft questionnaire started

After a break over the summer the community led plan steering committee met again on 20/11/13. Our aim for the next few months is to create the questionnaire that will be sent round the village. This questionnaire then forms the basis for the community led plan, which we aim to complete next year. We will be compiling minutes of our meetings so people can follow our progress. We are very interested in input and feedback from the Wardington parish. To see what we have been up to you can read the minutes here: 131120 Wardington CLP meeting minutes (131125).