Wardington Parish Council

I am now able to advise that Northamptonshire CC / OCC will finalise the erection of weight limit signage (7.5 tonnes) during the week of 21st.March. Signage will cover all exits from Daventry to Williamscot on the A361 and from Great Bourton to Fenny Compton on the A423. The A423 is the scheduled diversion for commercial vehicles leaving the M40 at Banbury for travel to Daventry via Southam.


7.5 tonnes will cover one of the bigger Transit removal vans and it should be noted that any commercial vehicle can avoid weight limit restrictions if they require business access. The question is, do they?


Despite the weight limit proposals, rat running will remain a potentially serious traffic issue mainly involving traffic to and from Chacombe from Wardington and / or Williamscot. Sat Nav systems will probably not recognise the A361 closure and neither will every road user observe the diversion signage. Banbury Police Traffic Officers as well as the Neighbourhood Policing Unit will look to monitor activity and thereby enforce road weight limit restrictions. That said, they will monitor / enforce as part of their usual routines and as time permits during the working day.


I would like to encourage residents to report offending vehicles and the Police have confirmed that a daily log record will be acceptable as a means of giving notice to and prosecuting persistent offenders. I am intending to keep the log and residents are encouraged to contact me on 01295 758861 or 07882 759497 with vehicle sightings. Photographic evidence can also be provided by downloading to ken.atack@cherwell-dc.gov.uk. The information required is;-



1. Vehicle registration number (including country of origin where appropriate) and          owner / business name


2. Time of sighting and location


3. Resident’s name, address and phone number for contact in case of need



Similar arrangements are being suggested for Cropredy, The Bourtons and Claydon with Clattercote Parishes all of which will have partial or full weight limit restrictions.


I am sure we all feel strongly about road safety and village pride and it is hoped a community response will prove beneficial.


Ken Atack

Cherwell District Councillor

18th.March 2011