Minutes of the Meeting of Wardington Parish Council held on Tuesday 17th February 2014 at 7.30pm in Wardington Memorial Hall

In Attendance:  Mr G Page (Chair), Mr K Atack (District Councillor), Mr N Bankes, Mr R Fenemore, Mrs A Pascoe, Mr M Hickman (Clerk)

Apologies: Mr G Martin, Mr J Murray, Mr M Patterson

Minutes of the Previous Meeting (January 15th): Agreed and signed

  1. Matters Arising

1.1. Wardington Playground

  • Advertising poster for the Playground 200 Club to be displayed in the Hare & Hounds, The Plough and on the village noticeboards.
  • Contact Mitch (Clerk) at wardingtonparishcouncil@hotmail.co.uk if you wish to contribute £1 and enter the prize draw.
  • George Page to communicate with party willing to undertake the upcoming playground inspection.

1.2. Social Housing

  • Clerk reported registering the council’s decision not to support the proposed housing scheme with Tom McCulloch of ORCC who agreed to monitor local housing need and inform the council if the proposal is worth revisiting in the future.

1.3. Litter Bins

  • Clerk to chase up Richard Altham regarding installation of the litter bins.
  1. Williamscot Land
  • Reported that councillors and residents have seen the land on the right-hand side approaching Williamscot from the A361 being lived on despite an enforcement order.
  • Nigel Bankes to write to the Chief Executive of CDC to issue the council’s concerns.
  1. Clerk’s Pay
  • Ken Atack to liase with professional party to take over the WPC payroll immediately and put them in touch with the clerk. The cost of this service will be £58.00 per year
  1. Council Tax Reduction Scheme
  • WPC to receive £485.91 as part of the Council Tax Reduction Scheme for the 2015/16 year, not the £1743 previously stated.
  • Precept demand for 2015/16 will not be revised.
  1. HS2
  • Clerk showed plans registered by Northamptonshire County Council for a proposed bypass for Chipping Warden.
  • The HS2 project was discussed and concerns were raised regarding the effect that nearby construction, and increased future traffic would have on village noise and road use.
  • George Page agreed to write to relevant party at Oxfordshire County Council to register WPC’s concerns. Clerk to invite Nigel Gellatly of Chipping Warden Parish Council to the next WPC meeting to advise on the workings of HS2 and the continuing process.
  1. Planning

No new applications.

  1. Finance

Cheques authorised:

  • 100768 Roger Gooding. Warbler printing. £85.33
  • 100769 Mitchell Hickman (clerk). Back pay Jan 11th – present. £350
  1. AOB
  • Robert Fenemore informed the council that he will not be standing for re-election this term.
  • An overgrown hedge was noted, at the north end of Mount Pleasant opposite The Smithy. As well as water running into the road from the stream in Williamscot. Clerk to report to relevant authorities.
  • Clerk to represent the council at the first Communications Working Group meeting on March 2nd at Red Lion House.


The meeting closed at 9.00pm.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday 24th March at 7:30pm