Minutes of the Meeting of Wardington Parish Council held on Tuesday 21st April 2015 at 7.30pm in Wardington Memorial Hall

In Attendance:  Mr G Page (Chair), Mr K Atack (District Councillor), Mr N Bankes, Mr R Fenemore, Mr G Martin, Mrs A Pascoe, Mr M Patterson, Mr M Hickman (Clerk)

Apologies: Mr J Murray

Minutes of the Previous Meeting (March 24th): Agreed and signed

  1. Matters arising from previous meetings

1.1 HS2

  • A report on HS2 produced by the clerk was sent to the councillors prior to the meeting.
  • It was agreed the report made it clear that Wardington has been overlooked by the HS2 bill
  • Equally clear is the large increase in traffic flow anticipated during construction and beyond.
  • Any information (e.g. structural risk management and traffic assessment) required to support a petition then would need to be undertaken independently.
  • It was agreed that a presentation of the facts should be made at the Annual Meeting of the Parish together with the council’s plans for addressing this problem.

1.2. Edgcote Lane

  • The council will follow up with local landowners as soon as possible.

1.3. Parish Election

  • A notice of uncontested election was received from the returning officer at Cherwell District Council, a copy of which can be seen on the CDC website.

1.4 Litter Bins

  • Mr Richard Altham has completed the installation of three yellow litter bins in the village. The council thank Richard for his perseverance.

1.5 Williamscot Land

  • The situation was discussed.

1.6 Playground

  • Unfortunately, the village playground committee has dissolved over time.
  • The playground will degenerate as things break or require maintenance work unless a new committee is put together.
  • Please get in touch if you would like to be involved with maintaining the playground.

1.7 Parish Laptop

  • It looks possible that a hardware issue is more likely than a faulty battery. George Page to ask local computer repairman to assess.
  1. New Business

2.1 Annual Meeting of the Parish

  • Details were confirmed for the upcoming annual meeting of the parish to be held at 7:00pm on Tuesday May 19th.
  • This will be followed by a meeting to discuss HS2.

2.2 Litter Picking

  • Litter picking equipment is being borrowed from CDC from May 1st to 11th. The council gratefully thank those volunteers so far involved.
  • Please contact Mr Patterson or the clerk if you can help us keep a clean village within these dates.
  1. Planning

15/00470/F Mr & Mrs B Hart. Two storey side extension, oak framed car port and revised landscaping. No objections.

  1. Finance

Cheques authorised:

100772 Mitchell Hickman (clerk). Pay to April 20th. £320

100027 AGV. Clearing lane Williamscot. £845


Prize cheques for playground 200 club

February (redrawn)

100600   £10   Mr N Bankes


100601   £20   Mr M C Bell

100602   £10   B Richards

  1. AOB


  • George Martin noted that the village noticeboard seems to have dried out sufficiently in the warm weather and will undertake maintenance in due course.


Banbury Rural Police

  • The local rural police team has changed faces. Chair to arrange meeting with the new officer to introduce the parish and to confirm local procedure.


Fairport Convention tickets

  • The official ticket announcement will be published in June. For discounted tickets for residents please contact Cllr Ken Atack at ken.atack@cherwell-dc.gov.uk


Standing down of Mr Fenemore

  • Robert Fenemore announced that this would be his final meeting as a councillor after deciding not to stand for re-election this term. He was thanked warmly by the chair for his 32 years of service and gratitude was expressed all round.


The meeting closed at 9.05pm.


The next meeting will be the annual meeting of the parish on Tuesday 19st May at 7:00pm in the village hall. This will be followed by a meeting to discuss HS2.


The next monthly meeting will be on Tuesday 26th May at 7:30pm in the village hall.