If you are opposed to the construction of a new service station and associated infrastructure at the Banbury junction of the M40 it is vital that you register your objection by December 28th 2017.

Nigel Bankes, Chair of Wardington Parish Council:

“It is vital that residents submit their opposition to this planning proposal by 28th Dec, the final cut off date. Objections should be sent by email to planning@cherwell-dc.gov.uk ref 17/01044/F or click the button below to comment directly on the website (registration required).


“Numbers matter in situations such as this and Euro Garages have cynically submitted their application over the Christmas period when everyone’s attention is elsewhere.”


Wardington Parish Council has objected to this application on your behalf in June of this year. The letter was as follows:

Date: 26/06/2017
Bernadette Owens
Principal Planning Officer
Cherwell District Council

Planning Application 17/01044/F – Proposed Motorway Service Station on A361 at Junction 11 of the M40 Motorway.

Dear Ms Owens,

Wardington Parish Council are writing to you to OBJECT to the above application.

We acknowledge that the site, namely Banbury 15, has been identified in the local plan for development but this proposal contradicts the usage classes of Business Office, General Industrial and Storage and Distribution identified in the local plan. In the Masterplan, the employment site for Banbury 15 is described as: “ A new strategic employment site of 13 hectares located next to M40 Junction 11 to deliver the planned growth in advanced engineering and knowledge based industries”. We fail to see how an 80 bed Hotel, Motorway Services Area amenity building, Petrol Filling Station with convenience store and HGV Parking area meet this criteria.

We also question the need for motorway services at Junction 11 when amenities already exist located in the neighbourhood of Junction 11 and there are services both north, near junction 12, and south at junction 10 of the M40.

The result of a motorway services at Junction 11 would have catastrophic implications to traffic congestion at the Junction 11 roundabout. It barely copes at peak times now and totally fails to cope when unplanned events occur e.g. motorway accidents when diverted traffic can bring Banbury to a complete standstill. Although no accurate data is available as to the increase in traffic it could easily double the daily flow using the roundabout and cause excessive time delays especially for local vehicles using the A361 and A422 to access Banbury businesses, services and communication links. This would result in many vehicles attempting to find alternate routes through villages, on roads not fit for higher volumes of traffic and endangering local residents. In addition the junction will also have to handle the increase in traffic, of 1000 HGVs per day, expected by the construction of HS2. The installation of more intelligent traffic signals would have little effect to relieve the situation.

A motorway services of this description with 24 by 7 operation will add significantly to the light pollution of the area and create an unwelcome sight for all the villages overlooking the site from Williamscot to Warkworth.

These are the main objections that Wardington Parish Council want to raise. Other pertinent objections have been raised by other organizations and by the public contribution. We urge Cherwell District Council to reject this planning application.

Yours sincerely,

Nigel Bankes

Chairman, Wardington Parish Council

The Parish Council urge you to submit an objection to this scheme before the deadline of 28th December. If you would like any help with your submission please ask any member of the parish Council for assistance.

For reference, you can view the development brochure here.