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HS2 – Wardington Update – Changes

HS2 - Wardington Traffic Update - Changes In the recent update the diversion route for the Wardington Road closures showed the wrong route on the PDF that was circulated. Apologies, as you know already, there is no access through the Edgcote Estate to Chipping Warden.   The correct diversion is through Wardington and I have amended our maps. Our construction traffic will not be using this route through Wardington, it is purely a diversion route for members of the public who aren’t familiar with the area.    I have attached an amended version of the 'lookahead' presentation to this email with the map change. The 1 day Wardington Road closure planned for 15 January has been cancelled.  The survey work planned

Parish Path Wardens for Wardington parish wanted

Parish Path Wardens for Wardington parish wanted. We have a request regarding Parish Path Wardens for our parish . Does anybody have  an interest in holding this position? The attached link is a poster with details if anyone interested. PPW Recruitment Poster (1) Please contact: John Gregory Email: Parish Path Warden Coordinator for Banbury and North Oxfordshire

Wardington Playground – Playground 200 Club

Wardington Playground Playground 200 Club After 20+ years Wardington Parish Council have taken the decision to end the Playground 200 Club Over recent years there has been a steady decline in the number of members of the Club. As a result income from this source has gradually decreased. This, coupled with recently imposed bank charges, has meant that maintaining the 200 Club is now of negligible net benefit to the upkeep of the Playground. The Parish Council recognize the importance of the Playground to the local community and are committed to maintaining it for the benefit of current and future generations. It will be funded by continuing to take advantage of grants that are available from time to time and

Wardington Playground – Urgent Help Needed to Spread Woodchips

Wardington Playground New Trim Trail Urgent Help Needed to Spread Woodchips   The new Trim Trail, funded by the Parish Council, is now installed. The official safety inspection will be on Wednesday July 5. Once this is successfully completed the fencing will be removed and the Trim Trail can be opened. For it to pass the safety inspection we have to spread woodchips across the area. These will be arriving on site next Wednesday, June 28. Many thanks to Councillor George Page for looking after the delivery for us. Between Thursday June 29th and Tuesday July 4th, volunteers are urgently needed for spreading the woodchips. Please contact Malcolm Patterson, 01295 750014 (there is an answerphone) or by email: if

HS2 – Culworth Road (From Chipping Warden) Closure, 26 June to 8 July

HS2 - Culworth Road (from Chipping Warden) Closure, 26 June to 8 July Notice from EKFB on behalf of HS2 Please see the link below to the official road closure document recently published. Notice-of-road-closure-Culworth-Road-Chipping-Warden-June-2023.pdf ( A section of Culworth Road will be fully closed 24-hours a day from, Monday 26 June to Saturday 8 July 2023.  We will be carrying out survey work and for preparing the area for a storm drain to be put in across the road later in the year. ----------------------------------- Wardington Parish Council  

CONSULTATION – Wardington & Williamscot proposed 20mph Speed Limits

CONSULTATION – Wardington & Williamscot proposed 20mph Speed Limits Oxfordshire County Council wants to make our built environments safer and more attractive places to walk and cycle. To enable this, 20mph speed restrictions are being used to help promote alternative modes of transport for local travel. Further details on how the council is considering making 20mph the new 30mph for Oxfordshire communities can be found here. We're therefore asking for your views on the proposal to introduce a 20mph speed limit throughout Wardington (including Upper Wardington) and Williamscot, replacing the existing 30mph speed limits in their entirety in the process. The proposals are being put forward following road safety concerns raised by the parish, and form part of a countywide

Notice of Making of Order – Wardington Footpath No. 4 (part) – Public Path Diversion and Definitive Map and Statement Modification Order 2023

NOTICE OF MAKING OF         PUBLIC PATH DIVERSION ORDER AND DEFINITIVE MAP AND STATEMENT MODIFICATION ORDER HIGHWAYS ACT 1980, WILDLIFE AND COUNTRYSIDE ACT 1981   The Oxfordshire County Council, Wardington Footpath No. 4 (part), Public Path Diversion and Definitive Map and Statement Modification Order 2023 On 6th February 2023, the Oxfordshire County made the above Order under s119 of the Highways Act 1980. The Order, if confirmed, will divert the public path as described and shown in the Order. Please find attached a copy of the Order, public Notice and a statement which explains the background to the proposal, the reasons for making the Order, and how objections or representations may be made. 03699 Wardington Notice Wardington 4 Explanatory statement 03699

HS2 – Abnormal loads arriving at Chipping Warden Compound this week.

HS2 - Abnormal loads arriving at Chipping Warden Compound this week. Notice from EKFB working on behalf of HS2. We have some long steel beam sections arriving at Chipping Warden Compound this week. They will be travelling from the Banbury area, via the A361 as abnormal loads. The police escort, which is required for some of the deliveries, may require a very brief halt of traffic at certain junctions or narrow sections of highway. Tuesday 31st January  - 1 delivery, no police escort required  Wednesday 1st February  - 3 deliveries, 2 of which will require a police escort  Friday 3rd February – 2 deliveries, both with a police escort These will pass along the A361 through Wardington and at the

Update on A361 closures

Update on A361 closures Please Note: The two-week night-time closures of A361 for survey work is no longer proceeding. The survey work was planned for Monday 9 January to Saturday 21 January 2023 – no longer going ahead. Other work taking place: There is a very short period of closure required for some line painting under the temporary bridge near our compound on the A361. The lines there are faded at that location, and so to improve safety, a line painting contractor be attending and the road will be shut for a maximum of 4 hours to carry out the work.   We have published a works notice, which I have attached and summarised below: Notice of night-time temporary closure,

Wardington Parish Council’s response to Planning Application 22/01488/OUT

To: Planning Department, Cherwell District Council, Banbury, OX15 4AA Subject: Objections to Planning Application 22/01488/OUT From: Wardington Parish Council Chair: Malcolm Patterson, The Old Granary, Church Close, Wardington, Oxfordshire, OX17 1RS. Tel 01295 750014. Email: Date Sent: June 29 2022 Having reviewed Application 22/01488/OUT, Wardington Parish Council has the following objections: Summary of Objections The size of the proposed development Yet more unsightly warehousing The employment created will be mainly low skilled and low paid Not consistent with the CDC Local Plan and its aspirations It will put yet more pressure on the already congested and air polluted Junction 11 area It will result in the permanent loss of an environmentally and visually important area of countryside The Size