Wardington Parish Council has already objected to the above application.

In summary our objections to the proposed development are:

  1. It does not conform with the stated aims for ‘Banbury 15’ in the CDC Local Plan
  2. It will increase traffic volumes and congestion well beyond that envisaged in the CDC Local Plan for the site. This will put more pressure on M40 Junction 11, the A361 in both directions, roads in and out of Banbury and villages to the north in Oxfordshire and South Northants.

As a result Wardington Parish Council continues to object strongly to the Application.

Should it be approved, we want mitigating measures for Wardington, Williamscot and Coton imposed on the developer and the relevant authorities as conditions of acceptance. These focus on safety and environmental issues. Specifically:

  1. The preparation of a feasibility study for a Wardington bypass
  2. Barriers to protect pedestrians, cyclists and horse-riders using the footpath beside the A361 through Wardington
  3. Speed cameras or speed awareness cameras on the A361 through Wardington
  4. Extensions to the 30mph speed limits on the A361 through Wardington both north and south to ensure traffic has already slowed to 30mph well before the first buildings, corners and places where the road narrows
  5. Weight restrictions on the side roads through Wardington, Williamscot and Coton

Wardington Parish Council