With the overall aim of keeping everyone in the village in touch with each other at this difficult time and providing assistance to each other if or when required, the village has been divided up into twenty-one separate groups of houses with a contact person for each group. At the end of this post there are four maps showing all the house groups both numbered and colour coded. Also there is a list of all the group contacts. Hilary Patterson is the Central Co-ordinator and her contact details are shown at the top of the list

Each group contact has a supply of this self-explanatory flyer . As a start to making contact with each group, flyers will be distributed to every house in the very near future.  

A notice giving guidance on GDPR and Safeguarding legislation can also be viewed by clicking here.

Please direct further enquiries to Hilary Patterson who will either provide the answer or give guidance as to where help can obtained.

In the meantime everyone should regularly view the Government guidance updates either on-line or on the news and take all the recommended precautions.