On the 1st of October I will be wing walking for Katharine House Hospice – Banbury because it provides support to patients and their families.

When I first heard about wing walking I had a moment of madness where I thought ‘I could do that’! My family were incredulous…I can’t even go on waltzers at the fair. 

Katherine House provides tremendous support to patients and their families. In the last few years I have experienced serious illness myself. I know the power of the support that was given to me by my wonderful friends and family and the professionals who worked hard to get me back to health. 

I know I’ll be terrified, but I hope exhilarated too. I am sure however that any funds raised will support this superb facility to keep up its terrific work. I am privileged to be well and in a position to give something back. This is my thank you to all the people who unceasingly supported me and my family through our tough time.