Good news regarding the Sunday morning precast deliveries.

Message from EKFB on behalf of HS2

After a period of testing and modifications, we have adapted the way we load and transport the largest precast segments. This method reduces the width of the load, which will mean no additional traffic management will be required.

With immediate effect, we will no longer routinely be delivering the precast segments using the Sunday morning lane closures. The widest segments will now arrive mid-week, as part of the regular precast delivery schedule to Chipping Warden Compound.

Please note that there are some segments which, due to particular design features, may still require occasional use of a road closure. So this option may need to be used again in the future but we do not anticipate this being a routine occurrence.

On behalf of EKFB and our specialist contractors, I would like to thank you for your cooperation and understanding. We appreciate your assistance in passing our communications to residents and we are pleased that a solution with a reduced community impact has been achieved.

Simon Davis

Engagement Manager