Notice from EKFB on behalf of HS2

This is  an update on some construction and road closure activity taking place soon. We will soon be installing the temporary bridge in Chipping Warden. It should be quite impressive to see, as it involves a large crane with careful manoeuvring, but it will involve some weekend road closures.

There is also quite a lot of activity taking place in Boddington and Wormleighton, and so I have attached a draft copy of the AWN for the Boddington and Wormleighton areas.

Notice of traffic management near Wormleighton and Lower Boddington September 2022_Final_

I have also attached a road closure look-ahead. This gives you a summary of the planned closure dates and you will see that wherever possible we have sequenced works to avoid overlaps. Any potential overlaps that may occur, perhaps for example, with the bridge installation dates, will be resolved with our construction teams.

Chipping Warden Boddington road closure look ahead Oct Nov 22

EKFB on behalf of HS2


Wardington Parish Council