Weekend closures of the A361 in May 2024

Message from EKFB working on behalf of HS2

Please find a link below to some weekend road closures of the A361 near Chipping Warden. These closures will be required to relocate a gas utility, in preparation for realignment of the A361 over the tunnel. We will also be preparing the verges for vehicle restraint barriers. These will allow our workforce to work closer to the existing road, reducing the need for closures.

Notice-of-weekend-road-closures-A361-Chipping-Warden-April-24-v2.pdf (hs2.org.uk)

Impacts on gas supply, if any, will be communicated by Southern Gas Networks (SGN). Both our workforce and those working for SGN, may be working extended hours, including early morning and late evening during these periods.  Access will be provided to properties within the closure area.

A361 weekend road closures:

  • 8pm on Friday 10 May to 6am on Monday 13 May 2024  – CANCELLED

  • 8pm on Friday 17 May to 6am on Monday 20 May 2024

  • 8pm on Friday 31 May to 6am on Monday  2 June 2024

Simon Davis

Engagement Manager