Dear Parishioners

I am delighted to announce to you that at long last, Stage 1 Project for conservation area remedial and protective works at the Old Pool Area may now finally proceed .

it has been a very long, uneasy task and an administrative nightmare.

I am able to announce that last evening, I received a full written offer and a signed acceptance of WPCs Terms and Conditions set out for such a Private Donation
and this morning I am also delighted to announce that this private donation towards this project was most gratefully accepted.

The donation was given in a most generous and cordial manner for which I am most grateful for and would like to register 100 % sincere appreciation and grateful thanks on behalf of the community.

With this in mind,and, in accordance with the minutes of WPC together with councils instructions given to myself on 27th April at the meeting of WPC,
I have now instructed the contractor to proceed at the earliest possible convenience and without further delay.

Would all residents around this area please be aware that there will naturally be some upheaval whilst this work is carried out and I respectfully ask you all to be patient especially when driving or parking and maybe having to park elsewhere for a short period to enhance progression before finally coming to fruition.

I would like to thank all parishioners who attended the inaugural meeting last year and for all your support and unanimous votes,and at the same time, record the same thanks and gratitude to Cllr Paul Hornby for the inception and management of the project and it is nice to be aware that this news comes in just prior to Paul stepping down as a parish councillor.

I look forward so much to seeing part of the communities make up enhanced to the benefit of this lovely village and all residents.


Warmest and Best,

Parish Clerk