Members of the Parish Council and the Parish Clerk met Victoria Prentis at Wardington Manor together with George Reynolds Oxfordshire County Councillor, Mike Kerford Byrnes Cherwell District Councillor and Ken Atack, Cherwell District Councillor. Forbes and Bridget Elworthy and Charles Holbech were in attendance.

The purpose of the meeting was to acquaint Victoria Prentis and the Oxfordshire and Cherwell Councillors of the problems both in Wardington village and the surrounding villages that the volume of construction traffic associated with the building of HS2 would cause.

The forecast of HGV traffic previously presented at the village meeting and a highlighted map showing likely rat runs were tabled as evidence of this problem.

After discussion and clarification of the facts presented it was agreed that the best solution would be a by pass to the West of Wardington. Other options would also have to be considered as the obstacles associated with the construction of the by pass were likely to be significant.

It was agreed that the first step was to make OCC Highways and HS2 Action Alliance aware of the problem by inviting them to visit the road through Wardington village that the construction traffic would be using. Victoria Prentis undertook to organise the necessary letters and would confirm when the visits would be taking place. Villagers will be notified of these dates once they are known.

Victoria Prentis subsequently visited the A361 where it passed through Wardington village and saw evidence of the HGV tyre marks on the verges and a video clip that Mitch Hickman had prepared showing the volume of traffic through the village.

It was agreed to form a sub committee of the Parish Council to coordinate all the activities. In the first instance this would comprise Nigel Bankes(Chair), George Page, Malcolm Patterson and Charles Holbech. Further members would be co-opted once he nature of the work involved became clear.