Minutes of the Meeting of Wardington Parish Council held on Tuesday 26th May 2015 at 7.30pm in Wardington Memorial Hall

In Attendance:  Mr G Page (Chair), Mr N Bankes (Vice-Chair), Mr K Atack (District Councillor), Mr G Martin, Mrs A Pascoe, Mr M Patterson, Mr M Hickman (Clerk)

Minutes of the Previous Meetings (April 21st and May 19th): Agreed and signed

1. Matters arising from previous meetings

1.1 HS2

  • The chair reported what a success the HS2 village meeting was on May 19th. A record turnout was observed and he thanked everyone for attending.
  • Mr Bankes reported that the parish council have been invited to a meeting with MP Victoria Prentis to present and discuss the situation regarding HS2. Victoria is a staunch opponent of HS2 and has been involved in other opposing campaigns.
  • A report will be published following the meeting.

1.2. Co-option

  • There are vacancies available on the parish council. Extra experience on the council would be welcomed.
  • If you would like to be involved, please contact any of the other councillors, or the clerk at wardingtonparishcouncil@hotmail.co.uk before the next meeting on June 23rd.

1.3. Parish Insurance

  • The parish insurance is due for renewal. Mr Bankes requested that personal liability cover for the footpath in Williamscot be added to the policy.
  • Mr Page explained that the legal situation is potentially unclear. Clerk to request advice on whether this is necessary.

1.4 Dog Litter

  • Complaints have been received regarding dog litter on the sports field. Failure to pick up dog litter is a criminal offence.
  • If current levels of dog fouling persist, the dog warden will be called and the sports field will have to be closed to dog walkers.

1.5 Playground

  • A playground committee needs to be reinstated. The playground cannot sustain itself on current income and without a commitee the playground will collapse as equipment deteriorates and equipment is unable to be replaced.
  • If you would like to help protect your playground please get in touch with anybody at the parish council or the clerk at wardingtonparishcouncil@hotmail.co.uk

1.6 Edgcote Lane

  • Mr Page reported speaking to the local landowner about drainage on Edgcote Lane. The issue arises from the culvert that crosses the lane across the county boundary.
  • The situation therefore needs to be taken up with Northamptonshire County Council.

1.7 Williamscot Land

  • The situation was discussed.

1.8 Parish Laptop

  • Mr Page reported that the laptop has been handed to a local repairman.


2. New Business

2.1 Grass

  • A complaint about grass cutting was received. It explained that some of the grass has been treated with a herbicide rather than being properly strimmed.
  • The council has been assured in the past that the contractors do not use herbicides but the issue will be raised with them again to ascertain whether this is still true.

2.2 Clothing Bank

  • A request was received from Thames Valley Air Ambulance for a clothing bank to be installed near the village hall but it was agreed that there was an insufficient case to justify a clothing bank so the request was politely declined.


3. Planning

  • 15/00577/F Mr & Mrs Okey. Two storey side extension and replacement garage (revised scheme of 14/00526/F). No objections.
  • 15/00122/TCA Robert Harwood. Reduce Willow to 4m and create open pollard. No objections.
  • 15/00470/F Mr & Mrs Hart. Two storey side extension, oak-framed car port and revised landscaping. Notice of withdrawal.
  • 15/00106/TCA Mr Bell. Work to tree in a conservation area. No objections.


4. Finance

4.1 Budget

  • Pending minor adjustments, the budget for 2015-16 was agreed and signed.

Cheques authorised:

  • 100775 Richard Altham. Installation of litter bins. £135.
  • 100776 Wardington Memorial Hall. Hire for HS2 meeting. £23.
  • 100777 Wardington Memorial Hall. Annual hire for parish meetings. £152.
  • 100778 Annette Reed. Internal audit. £100.
  • 100779 Mitchell Hickman (Clerk). Pay to May 25th. £400.

Playground 200 Club (May)

  • 100603   £20   T & B Cochrane
  • 100604   £10   Mr H Capel. Sadly it was reported that Mr Capel has deceased. The prize cheque was written out to his brother Mr John Capel.


5. AOB

A361 Williamscot Sign

It was reported that the road sign at the Williamscot junction had been uprooted. Clerk to report to highways authority. 

Parish Clerk

The current clerk will be leaving in September. The role of clerk includes preparing and circulating agendas and minutes for parish council meetings, maintaining financial accounts, and liaising with the public and authorities on behalf of the council. These duties require approximately ten hours per week. Salary is based on Local Authority Scales. If you would like to assist the village in the role of parish clerk please contact:

George Page (Chair)

Sabins House, Wardington


01295 758122



The meeting closed at 9:30pm.



The next meeting will be on Tuesday 23rd June at 7:30pm in the village hall.