Asset of Community Value Nomination – Decision Notice

The Pond, Thorpe Road, Upper Wardington, Banbury Oxfordshire. (ACV035)

We have been advised by Cherwell District Council that the nomination of the pond for ACV status has been unsuccessful.

Decision Notice attached.


In addition we have received a letter from Mr George Page stating that he will no longer be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the pond.


Mr Page, who had maintained the upkeep of the Pond for the last twenty years plus, wanted it made known that as from the 1st September 2016 he has relinquished all upkeep and maintenance of the Pond. He is still waiting for his solicitor to clarify any on-going liability.

As the WPC had voted, at the council meeting on the 21/06/2016, against responsibility and upkeep of the Pond, the village will need some other party, perhaps the CLP,  to pick up responsibility for the Pond to avoid it falling into neglect.

Bob Jarrett

Parish Clerk

Wardington Parish Council