Minutes of the Wardington Parish Council Meeting

Location:  Wardington Memorial Hall

Date: Tuesday, 20th June, 2017 (7:30pm)

In Attendance: Mr M Patterson, Mr G Page, Mr I Franklin, Mr G Martin, Mrs A Pascoe,      Mr A Crossley, Mr B Jarrett (Clerk),

Parishioners: Mr C Hunt

Apologies: Mr N Bankes


In the absence of Mr Bankes, the meeting was chaired by Mr Patterson (Vice Chairman).

On behalf of the Parish Council, Mr Patterson thanked Mr Page and extended its appreciation for his chairmanship over the past years.


1.    Minutes of previous meetings. (23rd May 2017) approved and signed.

2.    Matters arising from previous minutes (1).

2.1 M40 Junction 11, proposed Service Station

Mr Jarrett informed council that the planning application has now been submitted by Euro Garages for the site development. Middleton Cheney and Chacombe have already submitted their objections and we have 21 days in which to respond. The objections already submitted centred around the traffic congestion at the junction the conflict of usage as originally proposed by the Local Plan for Banbury 15 and the actual need for such a development considering the availability of service stations both north and south of Banbury. Mr Hunt attended the meeting and informed council that he would be objecting to the development in his CPRE capacity. Mr Jarrett added that although it was difficult to extract the expected traffic increase from the SCP reports, commissioned by Euro Garages to support their application, it was suggested that the 2016 volume of 7,743 vehicles a day using the junction and onto the A361 would increase by between 8,000 and 16,000 per day. This would increase the vehicle flow to between 15,700 and 23,700 per day. It was agreed that a draft letter of objection be prepared and circulated for Council approval.

2.2 HS2 Update

Mr Patterson reported that the Wardington HS2 Action Group had received an update to the mitigating measures proposed by HS2 and had replied to OCC Highways and HS2 with their comments and objections to measures.  These have been circulated to all councillors for information. In general the measures being proposed were to favour HS2 operations and there was very little to address the concerns of local residents in respect of safety, noise,  vibration and pollution. It was agreed that the response letter be published on the Wardington website for public information. Mr Franklin raised the issue that some residents had received letters, as landowners, from OCC, instructing them to remove vegetation encroaching the A361, the reason given being directly related to HS2 construction traffic. Mr Page confirmed that it is the landowners’ responsibility to comply with the Highways regulations. However, Council would contact OCC Highways requesting a less officious approach to the residents concerned.


2.3 Village upkeep and appearance.

Council are currently waiting for a quotation from OCC Highways to supply seven oak posts to be installed on the narrow grass verge in Mount Pleasant leading to the bus stop. They are also waiting for a quotation from Richard Altham to repaint / varnish benches in Wardington and Williamscot. The two cars parked outside Sabins, had been moved to allow grass cutting but were still there, only in a different position. The Council would now write a letter to the owner of the vehicles asking him to remove them. Mr Page supported this course of action.

Another vehicle, an Audi, had been reported being abandoned in the car parking area in Chelmscote Row. As this is on Sanctuary Housing land, council were trying to find out what, if anything, had been done in an attempt to remove it.

3.    Planning


1.    7/00166/TCA – Mr Peter MacKenzie, Fferm Cariad, Thorp Road , U Wardington        Ornamental Cherry tree, 2m Crown reduction. WPC NO OBJECTION

2.    17/01026/F – Mr N Douglas Post Box Cottage, Wardington.                            Demolition of conservatory and outbuilding. Erection of new rear extension. Resubmission of 16/01700/F. WPC NO OBJECTION

3.    17/01033/4/LB – Williamscot Estate, Williamscot House.                           Retrospective planning for various changes. WPC NO OBJECTION

4.    17/01125/F – Mr Mark Abbiss, 1 The Old Vicarage , Wardington.

Amendment to 15/02094/F – Additional roof lights and gable window.                   WPC NO OBJECTION

5.    17/00935/F – Mrs Joanna Bailey, Cobnut Cottage , Upper Wardington

Fitting of Solar panels. WPC NO OBJECTION


CDC Decisions:

6.    17/00160/TCA – Mr H Gordon-Finlayson, Cobweb Cottage, Edgcote Lane, Wardington. Fell 1 Apple Tree.  PERMISSION GRANTED.


4.    Finance.

4.1 Invoices – Cheques for authorization.

100878            N R Prickett – Grass Cutting                                      £720.00

100879            Clerk’s Pay (June 2017)                                             £350.22

100880            HMRC –  PAYE  (June 2017)                                       £87.40

100881            Clerk’s expenses – Office supplies etc.                     £105.34


4.2 Playground 200 Club draw.

June Draw:

100646            £20      C Morgan

100647            £10      R Jarrett


5.    New Business – None

6.    AOB

6.1 Correspondence.

1.    A thank you letter has been received from the Cluster Care Group thanking Wardington Parish council for the £100 donation.

2.    The RoSPA playground inspection has been confirmed for July. Mr Jarrett mentioned that some of the older fencing needs fixing before the inspection. Mr Page reminded council that half of the fencing was renewed last year and that we should get a quotation for replacement of the remainder.

6.1 Highways mowing verges

Mr Franklin asked what the policy was for Highway mowing the grass verges, out of the villages, as village signs and other road signs were becoming obscured. Council should contact Highways in respect of clearing verges, to make signs more visible, as the roads, particularly the A361, have become too dangerous for the work to be done by local volunteers.

The meeting closed 8:30pm

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 25th July, 2017 at 7:30pm in the village hall.