Minutes of the Wardington Parish Council Annual General  Meeting


Location:  Wardington Memorial Hall

Date: Tuesday, 23rd May, 2017 (7:00pm)

In Attendance: Mr G Page, Mr M Patterson, Mr I Franklin, Mr A Crossley, Ms A Pasco, Mr G Martin, Mr B Jarrett (Clerk),

Parishioners:  Mr S Mackenzie-Lawrie, Mrs R Page

Apologies: Mr N Bankes

1.    Minutes of previous AGM.(24th  May, 2016) Approved and signed.

2.    Matters arising from previous minutes.


3.    Election of Officers

3.1  Election of Chairperson.                                                                                                                                                              Mr N Bankes, although not present, had declared that he was willing to stand for chairperson but could not take up duties until September 2017. Mr Bankes was proposed by Mr G Page as Chairperson elect and seconded by Mr M Patterson. There being no other proposals Mr Bankes was duly elected as Chairperson.


3.2  Election of Vice-Chairperson.                                                                                                                                                      Mr Page proposed Mr Patterson for Vice Chairperson this was seconded by Ms A Pasco. Mr Patterson was duly elected as Vice-Chairperson.

4.    Finance.

4.1 Annual Statement:-

4.1.1    It was confirmed that the internal audit, of the accounts for 2016-2017, had been carried out and signed off.

4.1.2    The Annual Governance Statement was approved and signed.

4.1.3    The Annual Accounts had been circulated. The yearend  bank balance was much higher with the brought forward total from the previous year of £14,356 now standing at £31,004. The main differences from the previous year were:-

Income was up due to the Annual Precept increase of £10,000, this was to recover expenses incurred in 2015/16, and to cover future HS2 petition cost. VAT refund was also higher  by £1,644.

Expenditure was down in total from £25,497 to £14,948.  There were increases in staff costs of £700 and The Warbler printing costs, now in colour, had increased by £568. There was a saving of £468 with the Parish Insurance, we had only received one invoice for Dog Bin emptying the year and there had been one less grass cut than the previous year. The main difference on expenditure was the costs incurred by the HS2 petitioning in 2015/16 of £8,736.

The Accounts Statement for Income and Expenditure were duly approved and signed.

Mr Jarrett added that if the bank balances remain at the current level Council may consider a reduction in the precept for 2018/2019. This was advice received from Mr Atack our District Councillor. The precept had been increased for one year only and had returned to the £12,000 for the current year.

The accounts will be available for inspection between  5rd June and 14th July.

5.    A.O.B.

There was no other AGM business.

The meeting closed 7:22pm

The next AGM will be in May, 2018, date and time to be confirmed.