At the most recent Wardington Parish Council Meeting, Jan Funnell raised the problem of the gates down church walk (the pathway down the hill opposite the church.) On occasions the small, old, kissing gate has been taken off its hinges and has had to be replaced on its hinges.

More importantly, further down church walk, on the left, a gate gives access to the field, but this gate does not give access to the field for walkers as it is not part of the public footpath. On occasions cattle have escaped because the gate has been left open. The chain and padlock installed to ensure the gate remains shut have been removed, again allowing the cattle to escape. There is a real danger that the cattle could escape into the village and then onto the main road if the gate continues to be left open.

Walkers are requested to follow the country code by closing all gates, following the indicated public footpath and not accessing land which is private property.