Wardington Parish Council Meeting – Minutes

Location: Wardington Memorial Hall

Date: Tuesday, 4th September 2018  (7.30 pm)

In Attendance: Mr N Bankes (Chair), Mr G Page, Mr A Crossley, Mrs A Pascoe, Mr G Martin, Mr R Jarrett, Mrs A Gordon-Finlayson (Clerk), Cllr P Chapman

Apologies: Mr Malcolm Patterson (Vice Chair), Cllr G Reynolds

Agenda Items

  1. Minutes of previous meeting signed
  2. Matters arising from previous minutes
    • 2.1 Playground maintenance – Mr Robbie Brown who lives near the playground has agreed to check it on a weekly basis and report any problems.
    • 2.2 Playground RoSPA report – nothing serious raised but small items of maintenance need addressing. Mr M Patterson to approach Mr R Brown about this.  The full report can be viewed on request to the Clerk.
    • 2.3 Playground notices regarding use have been put on new noticeboard.
    • 2.4 Agreed to purchase little, yellow ‘no parking’ signs to but put on posts erected between Church Walk and A361.
    • 2.5 HSBC bank checking has been dealt with by Mr M Patterson. Currently 5 signatories on the account.
    • 2.6 GDPR review – the electoral roll we hold is covered by Cherwell District Council date protection.
  3. Planning
    1. 3.1 New

3.1a 18/01512/F Mr & Mrs Jenkins, Bridge Lake Farm, Chacombe Road

Upgrade of the fabric of existing office to form habitable accommodation with addition of a WC; new internal partitions to existing insulated loft space.

3.2 CDC decisions

  1. Finance

          4.1 Invoices

  • 100952              CANCELLED
  • 100956              D. Adshead (noticeboard; reissued)                 £1038.00
  • 100957              Parish Magazine Printing (Warbler)                  £258.00
  • 100958              Mrs A Gordon-Finlayson (Clerk’s Pay)              £346.74
  • 100959              HMRC – PAYE                                                           £86.60
  • 100960              N. R. Prickett (grass cutting)                                £370.80
  • 100961              Playsafety Ltd (RoSPA inspection)                     £105.00
  • 100037              Mrs S. C. Thurman                                                  £250.00

          4.2 Playground 200 club draw – to be drawn at the cinema club

  1. Parish business
    • 5.1 The emergency list held by WPC for extreme weather conditions needs review as some parts are no longer current. All people on it need to be contacted to check they are still happy to be on it.  Agreed that it should be posted on all noticeboards as we head into winter and reissued to raise awareness on the website and facebook.
    • 5.2 The foot path near Glen Meadows Farm on the Chacombe Road is being moved slightly. Details of this can be seen on the noticeboard or by application to the Clerk.
    • 5.3 Euphonium player concert – to go on website.
    • 5.4 Oxfordshire County Council have published proposals on how they plan improve services and reduce costs. WPC have no comments.
    • 5.5 WPC to apply for a free sapling from scheme run by The Woodland Trust for commemorating the Centenary of the Armistice of WWI. Ask for a mountain ash, if possible, to replace the one that has died on The Greensward.
    • 5.6 Oxfordshire Parish Council are being asked to consent to update and sharing of contact details. WPC agreed.
    • 5.7 Salt bins all fit for purpose. Extra salt bags and their cost to be enquired about
    • 5.8 Jan Funnell raised the issue of the gates down church walk (the pathway down the hill opposite the church). The small, old, metal kissing-gate has been taken off its hinges.  One of the small, wooden gates further into the field (into a field owned by George and Arthur Griffin) is often being left open despite their being no right of way through it – this has caused the cattle to escape into the village on a few occasions.  Arthur Griffin chained and padlocked it to prevent this and the chain and padlock have been stolen.  Jan requests that people walking be mindful of closing gates after themselves and wary of letting cattle out: if the cows made it through the village then this could be a serious danger to cows and vehicles alike.
    • 5.9 Mr G Page raised the issue of stones being thrown up during grass cutting as there have been a couple of instances of stones breaking car windows. Mr G Page to speak to Mr N R Prickett.
    • 5.10 Mr G Page had been asked by several villagers about the whereabouts of the picture of the “fire at the `Manor” gifted to the village by Lady Wardington.  It was agreed that enquiries should be made so that the picture could be returned to  the Village Hall

The next meeting will be held on 9th October at 7.30pm.