Wardington –  Notice of road improvements and overnight road closures.

Fusion on behalf of HS2 have given Advanced Works Notice of local road closures.

Duration of works:

The closure works will begin in mid-July and will be completed in early August.

Continued weekday traffic light lane closures until August.

Overnight full road closures:

8:00pm – 6:00am weekday road closures

What to expect:

Full overnight road closures.

Increased in traffic and journey times.

Highway works.

Summary of closure dates:

Dates                                      Duration        Road Closure           Location

13 July to 16 July                 4 Nights         A361                           Puffin Crossing

17 July and 20 July             2 Nights         A361                           Puffin Crossing

27 July and 28 July             2 Nights         A361                           North Gateway

29 July and 30 July             2 Nights         A361                           South Gateway

3 August to 6 August          4 Nights         Edgcote Road           The Hare & Hounds

7 August and 10 August    2 Nights         Edgcote Road           The Hare & Hounds

Noise – The noisier activities will be scheduled for early evening.

Diversion routes will be clearly signed.

For full details of the closure and work schedule please read the information sheet provided in the link below.



Wardington Parish Council