Notification of road closures in January 2022


EKFB working on behalf of HS2 have notified us of the following road closures in January 2022:-


A section of Wardington Road (Edgcote Lane) will be closed from 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday 10 January, for approximately one week.

The duration of the road closure will depend on the initial surveys and we will re-open the road as soon as possible.

A copy of the advance work notice is available here:

Notice-of-road-closure-Wardington-Road.pdf (


A section of Culworth Road (from Chipping Warden) will be closed from, 8.00am to 6.00pm, Monday 17 January and remain in place for approximately two weeks.

They will be carrying out Ground Investigation (GI) works along Culworth Road. The GI works will involve surveys and trial holes. These surveys and trial holes will allow for accurate detection and identification of existing services and utilities. As the project progresses, it is also necessary to remove vegetation to enable future works to continue and to allow access to areas of the site, enabling them to complete the works along Culworth Road.

To reduce disruption as much as possible, they do not intend to close this road over the weekend.

The Advance Work Notice can be found here:

Notice-of-road-closure-Culworth-Road-Chipping-Warden.pdf (


Wardington Parish Council