HS2 – Abnormal loads arriving at Chipping Warden Compound this week.

Notice from EKFB working on behalf of HS2.

We have some long steel beam sections arriving at Chipping Warden Compound this week. They will be travelling from the Banbury area, via the A361 as abnormal loads. The police escort, which is required for some of the deliveries, may require a very brief halt of traffic at certain junctions or narrow sections of highway.

  • Tuesday 31st January  – 1 delivery, no police escort required 
  • Wednesday 1st February  – 3 deliveries, 2 of which will require a police escort 
  • Friday 3rd February – 2 deliveries, both with a police escort

These will pass along the A361 through Wardington and at the discretion of the police escort, some brief holding of traffic may be required. 

The vehicles should pass through without any significant disruption or delay. I have been informed that some of these loads, due to their length, may take the village road (old A361) through Chipping Warden, rather than the new relief road. This will minimise traffic delays at the roundabouts. I have notified Chipping Warden Primary School and we will be avoiding the school drop-off and pick-up times.


Wardington Parish Council