HS2 – Wardington Traffic Update – Changes

In the recent update the diversion route for the Wardington Road closures showed the wrong route on the PDF that was circulated. Apologies, as you know already, there is no access through the Edgcote Estate to Chipping Warden.  

The correct diversion is through Wardington and I have amended our maps. Our construction traffic will not be using this route through Wardington, it is purely a diversion route for members of the public who aren’t familiar with the area.   

I have attached an amended version of the ‘lookahead’ presentation to this email with the map change. The 1 day Wardington Road closure planned for 15 January has been cancelled.  The survey work planned for that date is no longer required and the road will remain open as usual.

There will be the 4 week closure in February as stated.  

Wardington Update 12 JAN 24

Simon Davis

Engagement Manager