Minutes of the Meeting of Wardington Parish Council held on Tuesday 13th October 2015 at 7.30pm in Wardington Memorial Hall

In Attendance:  Mr G Page (Chair), Mr N Bankes (Vice-Chair), Mr I Franklin, Mr G Martin, Mrs A Pascoe, Mr M Patterson, Mr K Atack (District Councillor), Mr B Jarrett (Clerk).           Mrs S Page (Parishioner).

Apologies: None

Minutes of the Previous Meetings (September 1st):  Agreed and signed.


  1. Matters arising from previous meetings

1.1 HS2 – Update re. Meeting with HS2 and OCC on 30th September

Mr Bankes gave a report following the meeting with HS2 and Oxfordshire County Council.

Main discussion took place regarding the volumes of traffic. Concerns were raised relating to the ‘rush hour traffic’ and congestion for the M40 roundabout. It was expressed that the HS2 plans would not work.

The discussion was followed by a walk through the village, on the A361, to observe the infrastructure problems.

Charles Holbech was to draft letters to HS2 and OCC with questions that needed answering. These letters would be sent under the Chairman’s signature. It was decided that, as and when we get the answers, another village meeting would be arranged.

There was also need to know what activities are being taken by OCC as they have not given any information. Mr Atack was to chase Cherwell District Council to put pressure on OCC.

The proposed traffic survey would be put on hold until we get all of the answers from HS2 and OCC.

Mr Atack reported that he had arranged a loan of ten thousand pounds with the Cherwell District Council to be drawn on as required in the event of any further expenditure being authorised.  The PC confirmed that no further expenditure would take place without briefing the village first and obtaining their support.


1.2 Parish Clerk

Mr Jarrett confirmed details in his contract of employment. George Page took the opportunity to remind councillors of the new pension regulation.


1.3 Warbler Editor

Parish Clerk to liaise with the new editor of the Warbler, Elaine Norriss, regarding income from advertising


1.4 Co-option

Interest in parish councillor co-option has been expressed from one other parishioner.


1.5 Winter Preparedness.

An extra bag of salt has been ordered and the salt bins in the village being filled. Parishioners note that the use of the salt is for the public highway and not for private use.

Mr Patterson raised issue of emergency transport provision. In the event of severe winter conditions the council are looking to compile a list of volunteers, with 4 x 4 vehicles, for helping the more vulnerable parishioners, for example, to attend medical appointments or delivering food supplies.

Volunteers to contact the parish clerk, Bob Jarrett,  email to wardingtonparishcouncil@hotmail.co.uk  or phone 01295 758084


1.6 Village signs

Mr Franklin said that he had cleaned the village signs of dirt and algae.  He also cleared the signs of obstructions from overgrown vegetation.


1.7 Parish Laptop

The parish laptop is still at the repair centre. Report to follow.


  1. New Business


15/00303/TCA. Major Shaw McCloghry. Plum tree fell. No Objection.

It was noted that the ground outside Old Bonhams had been returned to the pre-planning condition.


  1. Finance

3.1 Statement of Accounts

Bank statements had been received showing the following balances as at the end of September 2015.

Parish Council of Wardington.                                        £21,976.17

Parish Council of Wardington (Williamscot)                       £4,434.80

Wardington Parish Council Playground Account  1               £941.40

Wardington Parish Council Playground Account  2            £1,737.02


Due to the commitments on the HS2, a cashflow report was requested for the next meeting.

Mr Page expressed concern that some of the grass cutting had been missed. Only one more cut would be required this year.


3.2 Invoices

Cheques authorized:

100793   Cherwell District Council. Emptying Dog Bins.     £288.29.

100794   Cherwell District Council. Election costs.               £39.00.

100795    Roger Gooding – Printing of the Warbler.           £121.46.

100796    The Royal British Legion – Poppy Appeal             £50.00.        


Williamscot cheques issued.

28            Steve Graham. Marquee hire               .              £125.00

29            Mollington Village Hall.                                      £100.00

30            Nigel Bankes – Re-imbursement of                     £111.82

               refreshments for community.

31            Marley Farm – Pig Roast                                £1,035.50


3.3 Clerks pay.

Clerk to discuss with the Payroll provider regarding the frequency of pay.


3.4 Playground 200 Club

Mr Patterson suggested that more support was needed for the Playground Club.


100614   £20    Anne Wilkins

100615   £10.   Chris Morgan

  1. 4. AOB



It was suggested that the council have a regular report relating to the condition and maintenance requirements of the playground.

Mr Franklin reported that he had received an offer to replace the playground fencing. Detailed quotation for material and labour to be obtained. 


Community Led Plan

Mr Patterson reminded council of the Community Led Plan meeting at 4:00pm,on Saturday 17th October 2015 to be presented at the Wardington Memorial Hall.


Erosion of pathway / verge up to Corner Mount.

Concern has been raided by a parishioner of the condition of the pathway and grass verge up to Corner Mount. OCC Highways are to be contacted for remedial action. Reporting the problem via ‘Fix my Street’ may not have the desired result.


Banbury Rural Neighbourhood – Council Meeting 15/03/2016

Meeting to be held at the Banbury Police Station and a representative from each council has been requested. Mr Page to attend.


Traffic speed through Williamscot

Mr Martin reported his concerns regarding the speed of traffic through Williamscot. This was to be reviewed.


Services from Oxfordshire County Council not to be supported.

Mr Attack reported that some services, previously supplied by OCC were being withdrawn and local councils should take over the responsibility. These services are to be identified with any possible impact to the parish.


The meeting closed at 8:50pm.


The next meeting will be on Tuesday 24th November at 7:30pm in the village hall.