Minutes of the Wardington Parish Council Meeting

Location:  Wardington Memorial Hall

Date: Tuesday, 12th January, 2016 (7:30pm)

In Attendance: Mr G Page (Chair), Mr N Bankes (Vice-Chair),  Mr G Martin, Mrs A Pasco, Mr M Patterson, Mr K Atack (District Councillor), Mr B Jarrett (Clerk), Mr A Crossley (Parishioner)

Apologies: Mr I Franklin,

Mr Atack said that he had to leave the meeting early to attend another meeting.

1.    Minutes of previous meeting.(24th November  2015) Approved and signed.

2.    Matters arising from previous minutes

2.1 Co-option

Mr Andy Crossley was unanimously co-opted on to the council.

2.2 HS2 Update

Mr Bankes reminded council that the Parliamentary Select Committee Hearing will be on January 18th. A recent letter from HS2 has given assurance that the daily number of HGV’s through the village would not exceed 500 each way.. HS2 propose to move some ‘spoil’ up the haul road from Greatworth to Trafford Bridge but the ‘spoil’ from Turweston would still be transported by HGV’s via the A43, M40, A361. However, we should be pushing for an assurance of fewer than 500.

The HS2 Action group will attend the ‘Hearing’ and Mr George Tuthill will attend as a witness to represent local businesses.

Mr Bankes expressed his appreciation for  the excellent work Charles Holbech had done for the petition.

Mr Page extended his thanks to the villagers for their response and support for attending the HS2 meeting on the 15th December.

2.3  Bus Service through Wardington.

Mr Atack said he was still investigating the effects of withdrawing bus subsidies by OCC  on services in his ward. Cropredy, Claydon and Mollington would be effected and he was supporting their bus services.

Mr Jarrett reported that he had contacted South Northants Council and that the bus service between Daventry and Banbury, operated by Stagecoach, servicing Wardington, was purely a commercial operation and not effected by any subsidies.

2.4  Fencing around the Playground

Mr Page confirmed that the quote for the work had been accepted and the fence was to be replaced in two phases, half this year and the other half next.

2.5  Change of priority at Top Dawkins Junction

Mr Patterson reported that he had been in contact with OCC Highways regarding the change of priority at Top Dawkins Junction. Unfortunately, OCC were unable to act as the cost would be between £3,000 – £5,000 and there was no budget for such work.  The work could be funded by the parish. Mr Patterson said he would contact OCC for a full specification for the scope of work and offer the work out for tender.

3.    Planning

a.    15/02045/LB Victoria Backhouse – Retrospective planning for alterations done in 1999-2000. Already approved.

b.    15/02094/F Mr & Mrs Abbiss – Raising of existing garage roof with associated external and internal works.

c.    15/00408/TCA Mr George Tuthill – Work to trees in conservation area. Already approved.

There were no objections.

4.    Finance. Cheques authorized:-

4.1 Invoices

100805            E-Scapes Landscaping Ltd.- Grass Cutting VAT          366.45

100806            Diane Malley   Payroll services                                      29.00

100807            Wardington Memorial Hall – Hall Hire                              49.50

100808            Mode Transport – Traffic Survey (HS2)                    1,872.00

100809            R Jarrett          Clerk’s December pay                           313.27

100810            HMRC             December-PAYE                                     33.40


4.2  Future External Audits

The new regulations concerning Smaller Authorities and the appointment of external auditors was adopted.

4.3  Parish Precept for 2016-2017

It was agreed that the parish precept for 2016-2017 be increased by £10,000, for just one year,  to contribute towards the expenses of the petition objecting to the proposed HS2 construction traffic  through Wardington.

Mr Bankes said that Williamscot had agreed to give £1,000 towards the funding of the petition. On behalf of the Council, Mr Page would like to thank Williamscot for their generous contribution.

4.4 Playground 200 Club draw (January 2016)

100619            £20      Mrs A Wilkins

100619            £10      Mrs A Wilkins


5      New Business

5.1 Cluster Care Group

A letter had been received from the Cluster Care Group (Cropredy) to raise monies for their charity. It was agreed to donate £50 towards their fund.

5.2  Spring Clean 2016.

CDC have announced that the Spring Clean 2016, (this year’s ‘litter biltz’) will be called ‘Clean for the Queen’ and would start on 19th February and run until 7th March. It was agreed to order the equipment required and that the clean should take place over the weekend  5th-6th March.

5.3  The pond opposite Chapel Cottages.

Correspondence had been received regarding the new fence erected in front of the pond, opposite Chapel Cottages. Mr Page said, that although there had not been a fence there for the last two years, since the pond was cleaned of accumulated household waste, the new fence had only replaced the one that had been there for the previous 25 years or so. The pond was on unregistered land and the fence would act as a safety barrier.

6. A.O.B.

6.1 Misleading Road sign.

Mr Patterson reported that he had received a request from Mrs Amanda Thompson for the removal of the ‘Overhanging Building’ road sign approaching the bend on the A361, by the Hare and Hounds. Council agreed that this was not the right time to take any action.

6.2 Weight Limit sign for the Edgcote Road

Mrs Amanda Thompson also requested a 7.5 ton weight limit restriction sign for the Edgcote Road. Council felt it would be better left until the road reopens after the 2 year HS2 closure.

6.3 Damaged Verge near Trent Farm

Mr Crossley complained about the state of the verges near Trent Farm, due to building work on the opposite side of the road. It was felt reasonable to ask the building contractors to restore the verge to its original state before leaving the site.


The meeting closed 8:50pm

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 16th February, 2016 at 7:30pm in the village hall.