Minutes of the Wardington Parish Council Meeting

Location:  Wardington Memorial Hall

Date: Tuesday, 16th February, 2016 (7:30pm)

In Attendance: Mr G Page (Chair), Mr N Bankes (Vice-Chair), Mr I Franklin, Mr A Crossley,  Mr K Atack (District Councillor), Mr B Jarrett (Clerk), Mr P Mason (Parishioner), Mr R Anson (Parishioner),

Apologies: Mr M Patterson, Mrs A Pasco, Mr G. Martin,

Mr K Atack for late arrival..


1.    The ‘Pond’ opposite Chapel Cottages.

Mr Bankes chaired this item as it directly concerned Mr Page. Mr Mason and Mr Anson attended the meeting to formally object to the fence that had been erected in front of the ‘pond’ by Mr Page. The ‘pond is on unregistered land. Their objections were:-

i.  There had been no fence there previously.

ii. That access to the ‘pond’ was now only via private land.

iii. That that the fence made the pond area look as if it was part to Mr Page’s land.

Discussion followed between the parties and photographs of the area, at different times, were shown as evidence.

After council consideration, with Messrs Page, Mason and Anson absent from the room, it was decided that the Parish Council would recommend that Mr Page should take down the fence. Mr Bankes said that he would let them know the Parish Council’s decision by the end of the week.


2.    Minutes of previous meeting.(12th January  2016) Approved and signed.


3.    Matters arising from previous minutes

3.1 HS2 Update

Mr Bankes reported that the Parliamentary Select Committee Hearing had taken place on the 18th January, which many people had watched. There was no need for any village meeting in the near future. HS2 now had to consult with OCC and Wardington Parish Council on any progress developments to reduce the construction traffic volume.

The HS2 Action Group will have a meeting in March to discuss the best way to liaise with HS2 for regular updates.

3.2  Spring Clean.

The Spring Clean 2016, (this year’s ‘litter blitz’ called ‘Clean for the Queen’) will take place on Saturday 5th March. Volunteers to meet at Barn Farm Plants between 10:00am and 10:30am where they will be issued with the necessary equipment. Posters to be put on notice boards and the event to be announced on the website.



4.    Planning

a.    16/00065/F Mr & Mrs S MacKenzie-Lawrie – Demolition of existing conservatory and formation of new single-storey extension to rear. Formation of new garage with ancillary accommodation over.                                                                    The Red Lion House, Thorpe Road.

b.    16/00129/TCA Mr Nigel Bankes – Reduce Leylandii Hedge. Fell 2 x Hollies and 1 x Sycamore. Reduce crown to 1 x Ash.                                                           Home Farm House, Williamscot.


No Objections


5.    Finance. Cheques authorized:-

5.1 Invoices

100811            Cluster Care                                                                     50.00

100812            M Patterson – HS2 Select Committee Expenses          266.40

100813            R Jarrett          Clerk’s January pay                               313.27

100814            HMRC             January-PAYE                                         33.40

100815            Roger Gooding – Warbler printing                                 149.50


5.2 Playground 200 Club draw (February 2016)

100619            £20      Mr M Patey

100620            £10      Mr K Atack


6.    New Business


6.1 Planning Consultations.

Mr Atack reported that CDC had issued the following planning documents for consultation:-

1.    Consultation on changes to the green belt around Oxford.                                          Due to the fact Oxford City cannot meet their housing needs four other districts have to find room for 15,000 dwellings.

2.    Consultation on the Banbury Masterplan.

A Consultants work on the possible future for Banbury

3.    Consultation on the Local Plan part 2

This includes a lot covering village and rural life.

A workshop at the CDC Offices will take place on the Tuesday, 23/02/2016 which Mr Attack will attend and report back to the Parish Council.


7.    A.O.B.

7.1 Correspondence.

a. A letter received from Cluster Care thanking WPC for their donation of £50

b. A letter received from Lord-Lieutenant of Oxfordshire outlining the celebrations for the Queens 90th Birthday.

7.2 Issues raised by Camille Jokumsen-Bond.

·         That the sign post for ‘Overhanging Building’, discussed in January’s WPC Meeting, was not misleading and serves to protect her home.

o   Council agree that no action is to be taken over the sign.

·         That three signs should be erected, on each approach road, prohibiting lorries (large vehicles) from turning around the triangular green at the junction of Edgecote Road.

o   Council acknowledge the damage caused and will contact the OCC Highways department.

·         Pot holes and loose manhole covers on the A361 around bend by Edgecote Road causing noise and vibration.

o   . These will be reported to OCC Highways.

·         Strimming and Grass cutting around the Edgecote Road junction not being done satisfactorily.

o   Council to talk with the contractor.

7.3 Ice on the Edgecote Road below the Pumping station.

Mr Franklin reported that there was excessive water on the road below the pumping station that should be channelled under the road. This had caused very dangerous icy conditions during the recent cold spell. Mr Page would speak with the farmer concerned.

7.4 Dog walking and Livestock

Mr Page raised his concern with dog walking and the dangers to livestock. Parasites can be transmitted to livestock through infected dog waste being left on grazing land. Some of these parasites cause diseases in livestock which can result in death of sheep and abortion in cattle. Please ensure that your dog is wormed and:-

• Always remove dog waste from all locations, including grazing land. If your dog is carrying the parasites, it will pass the eggs in its faeces. By safely disposing of dog waste, you  will help minimise the risk of passing on disease to livestock.

• Don’t let your dog eat remains of dead animals. Your dog may be infected by parasites if you allow it to  eat animal material it may find whilst out on a walk. Often the parasites cause no symptoms  in dogs, but sometimes the disease of neosporosis can seriously affect your dog’s health and possibly result in death.

• If you choose to feed your dog raw meat, make sure that it is parasite-free. Your local vet will be able to give you advice on how to make sure raw meat is safe for your dog.


The meeting closed 8:50pm

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 22nd  March, 2016 at 7:30pm in the village hall.