Minutes of the Wardington Parish Council Meeting

Location:  Wardington Memorial Hall

Date: Tuesday, 22nd March, 2016 (7:30pm)


In Attendance: Mr G Page (Chair), Mr N Bankes (Vice-Chair), Mr I Franklin, Mr A Crossley, Ms A Pasco,                       Mr George Martin, Mr K Atack (District Councillor), Mr B Jarrett (Clerk),                                                                                Ms L Merry, Ms J Merry, Mr C Soper, Mr H Terry (Parishioners)

Apologies: Mr K Atack for early departure to attend another meeting.


1.    Minutes of previous meeting.(16th February  2016) Approved and signed.

2.    Matters arising from previous minutes (1).

HS2 Update

Mr Bankes reported that the next step was for the Action Group to meet with Victoria Prentis MP to put pressure on HS2 and OCC in respect of progress to the assurances given by HS2, following the Parliamentary Select Committee Hearing.

Mr Page said that HS2 may not be able to achieve the speeds expected from the HS2 trains due to ‘shock waves’ created when trains exceed 180mph. The Action group had also been invited to attend a meeting covering ‘spoil haulage routes’ in South Northants, South Warwickshire and North Oxon on the 29th March. Charles Holbech had agreed to attend.

3.    Planning.

a.    16/00367/F Mr & Mrs Merry – The Plough Inn, Thorpe Road.                                                                                     Change of use from a Public House to dwelling house.

Ms L Merry addressed the meeting giving the reasons why the planning application had been submitted. Council were told that The Plough did not create enough revenue to be maintained as a local pub.  The property has been on the market, for sale as a going concern, for the last 3 years, and there has been no interest.

Discussion followed relating to past and present events. Ms Merry left the meeting for council to consider the application.

After more discussion and taking into account correspondence from local parishioners, council agreed to ‘object’ to the change of use to a dwelling. Council also suggested that the potential of the pub was not being realized.


4.    Matters arising from previous minutes (2)

4.1 Spring Clean (Clean for the Queen)

The Spring Clean 2016, ‘Clean for the Queen’ took place on Saturday 5th March. Council would like to thank Ian and Amanda Thompson, and Norman and Rosemary Hudson for all their help on the day. Council would also like to thank Mark and Deborah Page, Barn Farm Plants, for looking after the cleaning equipment and storing the bags of rubbish before CDC collection.

4.2 Planning Consultations.

Mr Attack reported that he and Mr Page had attended a workshop to discuss Cherwell District planning issues in the villages covering issues such as housing and infrastructure.

Most villages had the same issues around new housing developments and supporting infrastructure. References being made to section 106 of the Town and Country Planning Act and the newer Community Infrastructure Levy brought in to support new developments.

Concerns were raised about breaches of the planning controls e.g. no planning, retrospect planning, living in caravans and boats and not paying council tax. In such cases the public can raise these issues directly with the CDC via the Planning Enforcement Service. Dissatisfaction with the performance of the enforcement unit was aired.


5.    Planning

a.    16/00182/F Mr Hugo Terry – Stone Cottage, Thorpe Road.                                                                                      Proposed garage conversion.      –           NO OBJECTIONS

b.    16/00365/F Mr Richard Griffin – Plummers Ridge Farm, Thorpe Road.                                                                       Steel framed agricultural building. –     NO OBJECTION – Comment,    Issue raised regarding the use as being more equestrian than agricultural.

c.    16/00367/F Mr & Mrs Merry – The Plough Inn, Thorpe Road.                                                                                     Change of use from a Public House to dwelling house.   –    OBJECTION (see point 3 above)

d.    16/00395/F  Mr Richard Griffin – Plummers Ridge Farm, Thorpe Road.                                                               Surfaced ménage measuring 50m x 25m. –    NO OBJECTION  – Comment,  (see 16/00365/F above)

e.    16/00167/F Ms Julie Herd. Cannons Yard, Williamscot.                                                                                                     Replace existing driveway gate and relocate.    –   NO OBJECTION

f.     16/00434/F Mr Graham Osborne, Lower Lodge, Williamscot.                                                                                Extension to existing Lodge to form three bedroom accommodation.  –  NO OBJECTION


6.    Finance.

6.1 Invoices – Cheques authorized:-

100817            CDC – Empty Dog Bins                                                240.24

100818            Pinsent Masons – HS2 Petition costs                      7,388.00

100819            R Jarrett          Clerk’s February pay                             313.27

100820            HMRC             February-PAYE                                       33.40

100821            CDC – Empty Dog Bins (VAT)                                       48.05

100822            R Jarrett          Clerk’s March pay                                 313.27

100823            HMRC             March-PAYE                                           33.40

100824            R Jarrett          Clerk’s expenses                                     47.60


Williamscot cheques issued:

Mr Bankes formally presented the payment of £1,000 from Williamscot towards the costs of the Wardington HS2 petition.


32                    Wardington Parish Council – HS2 Contribution         1,000.00

33                    J Pearson – Part cost for fallen tree removal                    292.50


6.2 Playground 200 Club draw (February 2016)

100621            £20      Mr A Griffin

100622            £10      Ms N Reynolds


7.    New Business – None


8.    A.O.B.


E-mails had been received pointing out that the fence, in front of the pond opposite Chapel Cottages, had not been taken down as recommended by the WPC. Mr Page said he would address the situation.


Mr Crossley raised the issue of the poor condition of the notice board near the Plough Inn. Council agreed to take action to replace the notice board.


Mr Page said he would like to thank the parishioners concerned who were responsible for cleaning the signs around Corner Mount bus shelter.


The meeting closed 9:10pm

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 19th April, 2016 at 7:30pm in the village hall.