Minutes of the Wardington Parish Council Meeting

Location:  Wardington Memorial Hall

Date: Tuesday, 21st June, 2016 (7:30pm)

In Attendance: Mr G Page (Chair), Mr M Patterson, Mr I Franklin, Mr A Crossley, Mrs A Pasco, Mr G Martin,               Mr K Atack (District Councillor).

Parishioners: Ms J Funnell.

Apologies: Mr N Bankes, Mr B Jarrett (Clerk)

1.    Minutes of previous meeting. (24th May, 2016) Approved and signed.

2.    Matters arising from previous minutes.

2.1 HS2 Update

Mr Page reported that there were some discussions taking place between various local groups and HS2 about the possibility of lowering the track in the Upper Boddington section. This would reduce the amount of spoil to be moved through Wardington. Apparently HS2 are showing little interest.

Details of a public meeting organised by HS2 at Boddington Village Hall on Friday July 1 have been circulated in Wardington.

The subject of a bypass for Wardington is being pursued by the Action Group. George Page confirmed that letters had been sent to the 2 potential funding bodies recommended by Victoria Prentis MP.

2.2 Notice Board near the Plough

The Chairman reported that he had talked to Ken Baker about repair/replacement of the Notice Board. He is willing to do the work but is not able to start at the moment. The Council agreed to wait.

2.3 Pond Opposite Chapel Cottages

As an interested party, George Page, stood aside for this item.

In answer to a question he said that he had not yet had a response from the Land Registry to his application to be granted ownership of the pond area under the rules of Adverse Possession of Unregistered Land.

The Council expressed their continued unhappiness with the fence, questioned the suggestion that it had been a feature for many years and repeated their request for its removal. Mr Page said he would contact his insurers without delay. If they would cover any liability he felt he had, he would remove it.

The Council confirmed the offer they made at the last meeting to nominate the pond as an Asset of Community Value or other similar protection. Ken Atack gave contact details for the  CDC officers who would be able to assist.

The Council voted against applying to take full responsibility for the upkeep and maintenance of the pond.

2.4 War Memorial Cleaning

A message from the Clerk stated that Cakebread’s would be providing a quotation.

3.    Planning.

There were no new items.

4.     Finance.

4.1  Budget for 2016-2017

This had been circulated to Councillors and would be discussed at the next meeting.

4.2   Clerk’s Pay Scale

Malcolm Patterson reported that, for historical reasons, the hourly pay scale that the Clerk was on was below the recommended minimum for Parish Clerks. This was clearly inappropriate and the rate should probably be at least 1 Point above the minimum. Amanda Pasco, while Chairperson of the Parish Council, had some information on the way the Council had applied the scales in the past and would provide this so that the matter could be resolved at the next meeting.

Ken Atack said that all Clerks should be aware of training opportunities and there should be annual appraisal systems in place.

4.3       Invoices – Cheques for authorization:-

100835            E-Scapes Landscaping (Grass Mowing)                              1,570.50

100836            Wardington Memorial Hall (Grant Award)                          350.00

100837            Banbury Paving Fencing (Playground Fence)                     1,610.00


4.4 Playground 200 Club draw.

100627            £20      Mr Robert Fenemore

100628            £10      Mr Paul Hornby

4.5. RoSPA Inspection

Agreed to authorise the annual playground inspection

5.    Any Other Business

5.1 Parking in Chelmscote Row.

Prompted by a question from Jan Funnell, there was a lengthy discussion of new signs about parking restrictions in Chelmscote Row. The main points that arose for the Council to follow up were:

·         Should Sanctuary Housing have sought permission to erect the new signs?

·         Are they on land that Sanctuary owns? What are the boundaries of their land?

·         Following on from the e-mail raised at the Council’s May meeting, what is the situation with other residents who have been parking there for many years? Do they have a right to continue doing so?

These points add urgency to the need for a meeting with the Association and their lack of response to a request for one so far. Ken Atack asked to be copied in as the local office of Sanctuary Housing is in Bodicote House and he might be able to help.

5.2  Verge Cutting and Roadside Maintenance

Ian Franklin raised a number of matters of concern regarding overgrown grass verges on both sides of the A361 and other village roads. Also mentioned by Ian and other Councillors were potholes, silted up drain gratings and footpaths (particularly alongside the A361). Jon Oakey of Rose Cottage had e-mailed to ask that, now building work was completed, could mowing of the bank outside his property be resumed.

It was agreed to:

·         Check the map used for the grass cutting contract and talk to the contractor if there are any issues or changes that need to be made

·         Inform CDC if there are problems with overgrown road verges. Oxfordshire County Council has reduced their cuts to only 2 a year but Cherwell District Council has agreed to take responsibility for others.

·         Keep pestering Highways (however, frustrating and time consuming this is) regarding potholes, manhole covers and silted up gratings

·         The Council, property owners and residents are likely to have to take more responsibility in the future for roadside footpaths. Everyone needs to be made aware of this.

5.3  Local Enforcement Plan

Ken Atack informed the meeting that a Local Enforcement Plan has been produced by CDC. The Council will be getting a copy shortly. It sets stricter rules and deadlines for dealing with enforcements. Resources, including extra staff, have been made available.


The meeting closed 8:40pm

The next meeting will be on Tuesday, 26th July, 2016 at 7:30pm in the village hall.